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Andrew Lincoln Perfectly Describes ‘The Walking Dead’ Family in Sirius XM ‘TWD Town Hall’

Published on October 8th, 2017 | Updated on October 9th, 2017 | By FanFest

Photo: AMC

When the preview special for season 8 of The Walking Dead aired, a competition launched which would allow fans to go to Los Angeles to watch the 100th episode with the cast and crew. In addition to the episode, the winners will be invited to watch the 2-hour Talking Dead after show, also taking place at the Greek Theater.

The theme of the competition was #WeAreTheWalkingDead and while the window to enter has closed, it got all of us thinking about what that sentiment means to us. It’s safe to say that The Walking Dead is a core part of who we are at Fan Fest and it’s probably a core part of who a lot of our readers are too. More so than that, however, it’s the sentiment behind the cast and crew of our favorite television series.

They’re not just actors and actresses that go to work and then go home each day. They’ve given themselves to their characters and in turn, brought some traits from those characters into their own lives. The series isn’t just something they’re a part of, it’s something that’s part of them.

So when Andrew Lincoln spoke to his father recently, he summed up the way a lot of us feel when his dad asked why he was so emotional over just a tv show. Lincoln asked his dad about his own career then, shifting the conversation to roads.

He told his dad that when he built roads, a lot of time and energy and effort go into building the road,  he then asked him if it was real. His dad replied with an ‘of course it’s real’ it’s a road or a bridge…and Andrew then put it in simple terms.

He puts just as much effort and time, with the 150 others on set, into the series. The Walking Dead is his bridge.

While the sentiment is something the group laughed about, it’s safe to say they all agree, and rightfully so. They’ve been working on the show, at least some of them, for 8 years. Even those who have come along more recently have given the series all they’ve got. It’s a labor of love and one they’ve allowed us to be part of too.

So in the spirit of #WeAreTheWalkingDead – we think Andrew Lincoln nailed it. Don’t you?


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