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Andrew Lincoln on Babies, Not Shooting Negan and his Recent Gift from Norman Reedus

Published on October 29th, 2017 | Updated on November 2nd, 2017 | By FanFest

One of the most anticipated moments of our Walker Stalker Atlanta convention is the Andrew Lincoln panel. Without Rick Grimes, there would be no The Walking Dead and no one could have brought the character to life quite the way Andrew does. Hearing his insights into the series as a whole, his character, and the actors and actresses he works with is always a treat.

So when he was joined by Danai Gurira for his Sunday morning panel, fans were thrilled. From babies with Michonne to not killing Negan when he had the chance,  Andrew had to answer some serious questions on behalf of Rick. There were laughs, there were a few serious moments, and there was even some…questionable content all before 10:30 am. It’s just a normal morning with us at Walker Stalker.

Speaking of Norman, the prank war between Andrew and Norman has become a critical part of who they are, so of course, Andrew brought up the latest ‘gift’ Norman left for him on set.

He got into my car on Friday night, late, and he left a little present for me. It was an air freshener in the shape of Daryl Dixon. I was driving home and it was a very hard day. He had banker’s hours so he’d left way earlier. I was driving back and I was like ‘What is that sort of wafting in my face and it smells kind of nice?’ and I saw a very slim version…a remarkably thin version…an uber thin version of Norman Reedus

Another important question was, of course, whether or not Rick and Michonne would bring a baby of their own into the world. Danai immediately let Rick take the reigns on that one and he was all for it. In fact, he said so ‘thrice’.

We give him props for saying he’d hold Michonne’s katana if she got pregnant. A true romantic, that Rick Grimes.

Now, for a moment we think Andrew had the idea that he’d get through the panel without being asked THAT question. You know, the one in the back of the minds of every fan after watching the season 8 premiere. Why didn’t Rick shoot Negan?

Andrew sort of giggled before totally taking control of the crowd.

‘Okay…just so you know, I sent maybe 7 emails to Mr. Scott Gimple around this subject before we shot. What we wanted to do is offer up a deal, if we’re taking him out straight away then the war would have just been off straight away.’

He went on to say that they had to offer Negan the option to retreat, even though they knew he wouldn’t take it. They don’t want to lose any lives so they need to be very careful about how they’re handling this situation. They plan to do so with the ‘main army’ which is the 20,000 undead, and in episodes 2, 3, 4, and 5 – Andrew says we’ll see that plan continue.

Also, Rick is a terrible shot! A bit ironic for a sheriff isn’t it?

From the continued banter with Norman Reedus to baby making with Rick and Michonne – Andrew Lincoln’s panel will easily go down as one of the best of the year, and we expected nothing less.

Check out the full panel:


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