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‘Ancient Aliens’ Host Giorgio Tsoukalos Talks, Aliens, UFOs, and Memes (Interview)

Published on April 26th, 2018 | Updated on April 26th, 2018 | By FanFest

In the last several decades the topic of whether we are “alone” in the universe has always been a controversial one. As long as there have been reported “sightings”, the government has been denying that the “sightings” were true. However, in 2017 the New York Times released a story that proved that the US Government has been more concerned about the possibility of UFO’s than they lead the citizens of the country to believe. The New York Times reported that the US Government did indeed have a program called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The program lost its funding in 2012 but experts believe it has found funding under another name.

As the story of the US Government finally breaking their silence on one of the biggest and most tight-lipped topics in Washington DC hits major news sources, we turn our focus to the men and women who have been telling us for decades what the Pentagon is just now admitting. We are not alone in the universe. I had the distinct honor of speaking with one of those brilliant minds today, ‘Ancient Aliens‘ host Giorgio Tsoukalos. I was so honored and excited to do this interview. It is not every day you are able to hold this kind of discussion with someone with the kind of passion he has for his work and I was extremely moved  to learn as much as I could in our short time together.

Lead expert Giorgio Tsoukalos of HISTORY’s “Ancient Aliens.” New episodes return premiering Friday, April 27 at 9 PM ET/PT.
Photo by Mason Poole/HISTORY
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RB: What convinced you that the Ancient Alien theory could be valid and that it needed further research and exploration?

GT: I was very lucky growing up with parents who were avid travelers. Ever since I was 6, 7 and 8 years old, my parents would travel to various countries and they would always carve out time to go the museums and to great gigantic monumental archeological sites. Also, my grandmother was a very open minded woman, and instead of reading ordinary bedtime stories to me, sometimes she would read would read Edgar CayceAtlantis‘ and ‘Chariots of the Gods‘. So the seed was planted fairly early in my life. Then, when I was around 14 or 15, I discovered the books by Erich von Däniken on my own, and as they say, the rest is history.

RB: Do you feel that the topic of Aliens and UFOs has become more accepted in the recent years-not just by the general public-but in the scientific field?

GT: Absolutely. I also think ‘Ancient Aliens‘ has been a huge influencer on that opinion today than, let’s say, in the 50’s and 60’s. There were only a few astronomers who were toying with the question if extra-terrestrial intelligence exists in the rest of the universe.

However, here we are 50 years later, and you would be very hard pressed to find any astronomer denying the idea of extra-terrestrial life. Even though the big question they have now is whether or not that life has had interactions with us here on Earth. That, of course, is answered through the ancient astronaut question. Bio-astronomers are at universities doing research and trying to find whether or not there are remnants of extra-terrestrial visitations in our solar system and on other planets. The question is, “Why are you looking at other planets, when the true evidence is right here in front of our eyes?” We should be looking right here on planet Earth.

RB: You have visited so many of the ancient sites, for example, Tribal and First Nations. They seem to all have similar creation accounts. What are the most common threads that stand out?

GT: That is a wonderful observation, and thank you for that question.

Let’s say we look at 20, just for argument’s sake. 20 ancient cultures dating back 3000 years. All the creation stories for each culture would be different, but most of the creation stories are the same. They talk about a silver egg, or a silver orb, arriving from the depths of nothingness that lands on Earth. Then, the egg or orb opens, and people emerge. From there on out, civilizations have begun. So, one has to ask the question, “Is this a figment of our ancestor’s imaginations or did they actually witness something.”

The one thing we have to remind ourselves is, it’s not me or the Ancient Aliens show that are inventing these stories. We can read these ancient accounts of someone descending from the sky on ancient text and also in oral traditions.

So, the fact is that our ancestors are the ones who say they have been visited. It is not us today who are just now saying it. It is our ancestors who were meticulous in writing down their history as it happened to them at the time. Of course, things were added over time. Stories were embellished, but the origin of all the stories were the same-someone came and taught mankind.

RB: Do you think it is possible that ancient civilizations much older than we think existed here on Earth, and they may have been some species other than human?

GT: I can’t answer to the question of other species because I am not aware of that, but, I am 100% convinced that our history goes back much much later than what accepted archeology teaches us.
I am not saying these things lightly. I am basing these ideas on research of scientists, because I don’t have a degree in science. I am a journalist. I talk about these ideas. For example, Dr. Robert Schoch, a bonafide scientist (a geologist) tells me that physical evidence, (the erosion marks of the great Sphinx in Egypt, Gisa Plato) indicate to him that the Sphinx may date back to 12,000 BC. I shall listen to a Geologist who has come to that conclusion.

There is ancient text that speaks of The Golden Age of ancient Egypt, back in 12,500 BC. It was a time when so-called “gods” with a lower case g, mingled among the human beings, so, there is no question in my mind that our worldwide history goes further and deeper into time than we currently accept as the mainstream idea.

Photo by Mason Poole/HISTORY
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RB: What is it like to visit these ancient sites like Stonehenge, and think of all that may have happened there?

GT: First of all, it is really an incredible opportunity. I have been to many of these places before Ancient Aliens. Everyone only sees me and my co-host on the show, however, we have to remind ourselves that there is a huge team here at Prometheus Entertainment that allows us to get to do what we get to do. They make it happen. They give us unprecedented access to many of the sites that regular tourists do not get to see.

This season, we have been to Egypt. We are going to Sardinia and we are going to Easter Island. I just returned from Egypt, and we did an interview between the paws of the Sphinx. That is unprecedented access, and believe it or not, I have to pinch myself sometimes and ask “Is this really happening?” I am just as excited as you are, when I am on site with the crew filming.

Photo by Mason Poole/HISTORY
Copyright 2018

RB: You just gave me some hints but are there any more hints as to what we can expect from this season’s Ancient Aliens? Anything you are excited to share?

GT: One thing I am excited about is the season premiere episode which airs this Friday, April 27th.

It is called ‘The UFO Conspiracy’. Even though the show is called Ancient Aliens, this episode will deal with the recent Pentagon revelations that came out in December of 2017-that for years, the US Government has been researching and exploring UFO’s. This is something that myself and my colleagues have said for decades-that the US Government and Governments worldwide have 100% dedicated their resources to studying UFOs. The US Government has finally come forward and not only admitted to it, but they revealed footage that was absolutely extraordinary.

My only question is, “If this was something not really interesting and mysterious, and just fantasy, why would any government allocate any resources?” Clearly, something is going on up in our skies, and someone is watching us.

RB: Why do you think the government has been so determined to keep us from knowing the truth about these types of things?

GT: This is the first time, at this moment in time, that I would argue against your question.

Clearly, by releasing the material that the Pentagon released in December of 2017, the US Government pretty much admitted that there is something going on. We just don’t know what it is.

Are you familiar with the footage that was released? (This footage will be shown during the season premiere on Friday, April 27th). It shows these crafts that are so fast and so maneuverable. Where we are today, there are two options. Either someone has a better air force than the US, or it is not of Earth. So, if you take either side of the argument, it becomes a subject of national and even worldwide security.

I think it is incredibly exciting in a very positive way. I think we could perhaps be the generation that makes contact officially, for the first time.

RB: Has there been any new information on the Star Child?

GT: The Star Child is very interesting. This is a skull that Lloyd Pye discovered and was investigating for many years before he passed on. In 2014, I was at the history museum in Paracas, Peru, and interestingly enough, there is a twin sister or brother of the Star Child skull sitting in that museum.

Here is the deal on the Star Child Skull. The jury is still out. Yes, the DNA test has been made, which revealed that the results were inclusive. The other thing is, the shape of the Star Child’s skull can be found in multiple iterations in various medical books that show children born with birth defects.

If you recall, recently, they had all over front the pages of the New York Times and the LA Times that “Desert Alien Skeleton”, which was found in the year 2000. It was this little thing with elongated head. Just a few weeks ago, they came forward and said, “It’s a human after all.” The bottom line is, that “alien skeleton” looks exactly how any human being looks, as its grown inside the womb. So, it never had anything to do with extra-terrestrials.
The whole “Desert Alien” was 100% sensationalism. It was never a true story. It was a human being. I personally have no problem saying that it was always a human and it’s not a conspiracy. Sometimes even a conspiracy is simply wrong, and we need to remain within the parameters of truth and science.


RB: I was excited to tell everyone I was interviewing you, and there were two groups of people. There were those who knew you as fans of the show, and then there were those who know the “memes”.

Meme featuring Giorgio Tsoukalos

How do you feel about being famous for these memes?

GT: I embrace it fully. It was something that grew organically, and if the meme draws people to the show, then that’s fantastic.


There you have it, dear readers. Those are some amazing and shocking answers. I hope you enjoyed reading Mr. Tsoukalos’ answers as much as I enjoyed speaking with him.

I still have questions to ask so the next time I get the opportunity to talk with him, I will be ready to go.

The season premiere of Ancient Aliens is on the History Channel this Friday, April 27th, 2018, and this episode will make even the hardest skeptic rethink their stance. They will cover every topic from “Roswell” to “Project Blue Book” and then you can decide for yourself if you think we are alone in the universe…



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