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‘American Housewife’ Season 2 Episode #3 ‘The Uprising’ Review

Published on October 12th, 2017 | Updated on October 12th, 2017 | By FanFest

Well, Katie’s little boy Oliver is ummmmmm well he is ummmmmm growing out or up or well let’s just say Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio) had a moment in his ballet class. Well let’s face it boys in tights, their “thoughts” are hard to hide. Well, Katie reminded Greg (Diedrich Bader)  about the deal they made when they decided they would have children she would take the vagina questions and he would take the penisy ones! 

Well again if Katie only had that one “little problem” (Sorry Oliver) well she wouldn’t be my hero. Her arch-enemy Tara Summers (Carly Craig)  in retaliation for Katie’s role in her son’s decision to not to go to college fought dirty by going after Katie’s favorite Anna-Kat (Julia Butters). After an unsupervised field trip to a petting zoo, Tara convinces Anna-Kat that she needs to be a vegan. The Otto’s are many things but “Vegans” are not one of them.

As in the Otto way of life, there must always be teenaged fueled drama as Taylor (Meg Donnelly) decides if she is going to hang out with the cool girls, she needs to change herself and she starts with her hair and dyes it blonde without Katie’s permission. Well yes as you can guess this did not go over well but this was still better than dealing with Oliver’s “incident” so Katie turns to Doris and Angela for advice.

Doris (Ali Wong) suggests a take no prisoners approach and Angela (Carly Hughes) offers the respect their feelings and treat them as friends. Being the Supermom that she is Katie tries both of course. Deciding that since each of her children is different she may have to try both of their advice and decides some lies can’t hurt either.

Every week I walk away from ‘American Housewife’ feeling a little bit better about my mothering skills. That is the beauty of Katie Otto she represents REAL MOMS. She isn’t perfect, she isn’t a size 6, she doesn’t cook her family a 7-course meal every night and her house isn’t always clean. So, each week I will list #realmomrules of the week. These are my favorite little tidbits I will add to my arsenal of mom skills and maybe you will too.

  1. Target does NOT like it when you push three lawn chairs together when you take your nap there in the afternoons. Also, you should always change up stores so you don’t get banned.
  2. A pissed off mom can move mountains or the entire contents of a salty teenager’s room whichever needs to be moved first.
  3. Eight-year-old “vegans” believe you can make chicken bones out of Tofu.
  4. You should always have your teenage ballet dancer son wear a couple of extra pair of tights just in case he really enjoys the view.


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