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‘American Horror Story’ Recap ‘Chapter 10’

Published on November 16th, 2016 | Updated on November 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

It’s been a long and winding road to this final episode, everyone. But we made it.

The start of this finale was really interesting – we saw the entire cast of My Roanoke Nightmare alive and reunited once again at Paleyfest. And it was nice to finally see a setting outside of Roanoke. Here, Ryan Murphy gives us a taste of what Paleyfest-like events look like from the other side of the stage. There were crazy fans, intrusive questions, and a bit of fun.

But that fun was a mere flashback, pre-dating the Return to Roanoke days. You know, before all the death and despair Lee brought upon her fellow housemates.

To bring us up to speed on Lee’s story, we’re thrown into yet another reality show called Crack’d. Modeled after today’s typical true crime shows, we see Lee’s life from beginning to end and we learn that she’s been acquitted of all criminal charges. Perhaps it was pure luck or that Flora mentioned Priscilla in her testimony, but there’s no arguing that Lee really got away scot free this time.


Not for long, though.

Lana Winters swoops in with her own television show, The Lana Winters Special, and gives Lee the opportunity to air her dirty laundry. And like the Lana we all know and love, she asks tough questions and presses Lee for truthful answers.

But nothing is ever that easy on this show. Soon enough, Lana reveals that Flora has been reported missing. As Lee gets her bearings after this news, one of the Polks shows up armed with an assault weapon and a vendetta against Lee. He wipes out much of the television crew, including Lana. But just before he can kill Lee, someone shoots him square in the chest.

Once again, Lee is spared.

Then, we’re propelled in to yet another reality show called Spirit Chasers in which a group of not-so-smart ghost hunters breaks into the Big Shaker Mansion during the Blood Moon. As they explore the house, they run into Lee who is searching for Flora. Lee warns them of what’s to come and they only heed that warning once some of their own are killed by the spirits of Roanoke. After the fall of the Spirit Chasers team, Lee finds Flora in the house.


And then that turns into a so-called hostage situation. A 14-hour standoff. The recriminalization of Lee. Whatever you want to call it.

What’s really happening is that Flora refuses to leave Priscilla behind and Lee is trying desperately to reason with her. Eventually, Lee chooses to sacrifice herself to Priscilla and the Big Shaker Mansion so Flora can live her life as she’s meant to.

It’s the ultimate sacrifice and one that I’m not sure really redeems Lee. Perhaps in Flora’s mind it does.

Opinion time…
I wasn’t thrilled with how this all unfolded and it seemed very unfulfilling to me. I did like how all the various televisions shows weaved the story together, though. It was both clever and refreshing, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that kind of storytelling from AHS.

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