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‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ Episode 2 ‘The Morning After’ Recap

So many questions; I feel like when I am watching American Horror Story: Apocalypse I have temporarily committed myself to a world that others view as pure insanity and sometimes, maybe those people are correct. This past Wednesday, the second episode of the new season titled ‘The Morning After’ just went ahead and dove head first into the world of confusion and thought. One of the reasons I do love American Horror Story so much is because it keeps you on your toes trying to figure out what is going on and where did it all go wrong. Let us dive right into this week’s episode. Just a heads up, we are in episode two now so, there may be some spoilers below.

“The Morning After” Recap:

Last week we were briefly introduced to the love child of Tate Langdon and Vivien Harmon from season one of American Horror Story: Murder House, Michael Langdon. This week we got to know the character a little better. First off, Emily, one of the teen survivors, encounters live snakes in her wardrobe that are soon crawling all over her floor. Hearing her screams, the other teen survivor, and Emily’s beau, Timothy arrives trying to rectify the situation, however, he realizes there are way too many snakes for him to handle alone. Hearing the commotion, Miriam Mead and one of her officer’s storm into the room, killing the snakes. Miriam is very pleased to have found these snakes, underground mind you, without any trace of being contaminated by the radiation outside. Miriam proposes that they cook all the snakes for supper as they are a great source of protein, Emily’s stomach turns at the thought.

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Episode 2 'The Morning After' Recap
FX Network

At the dinner table, some of the survivors are not too keen on eating the cooked snake while others are starving and could care less. Miriam scoops the cooked snake parts into everyone’s bowl and covers them to keep everything hot. After a little more protest from some of the group Ms. Venable instructs them to be quiet and either eat or starve – their choice. As the group lifts the lids from their bowls, all the snakes are once again intact and alive, slithering around the table which causes everyone to scream and jump from the table. This incident just makes the tension grow stronger within the group and towards their leader Ms. Venable.

Timothy and Emily are then shown in the hall discussing what Ms. Venable could be hiding in her office since they know something came in when the perimeter alarm went off on the last episode. We then see all the survivors in the parlor area where Michael Langdon makes his business at the outpost known. Langdon is there because all other outposts have been attacked and overrun by mutated humans who, due to starvation, have become cannibals and kill and eat whomever they find. Langdon lets the group know that he is there from the Cooperative to test each individual to see if they are worthy to go live in the sanctuary, which is the location that is impenetrable and has enough supplies to last for 10 years, unlike the outpost the survivors are in now.

Of course, there is a catch to being able to go with Langdon to this supposed sanctuary – you must pass a test formed by the Cooperative. According to Langdon, the test is a bunch of questions formed by the Cooperative to see who would make the best candidates to live to repopulate the earth. Thinking he has nothing to lose, Mr. Gallant volunteers to go first after Coco throws a fit stating she should automatically get to go due to having been so rich. So, during Langdon’s interview with Mr. Gallant, viewers are shown that this character, who we all know is the antichrist, may have the powers of telekinesis and mind reading from the way he not only questions Mr. Gallant but also how he seems to seduce him with knowledge that only he could have pulled from Mr. Gallant’s mind.

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Episode 2 'The Morning After' Recap
FX Network

Later on is where another crossover from season 1 occurs. Mr. Gallant, having gone back to his room to…we will just say be alone with his thoughts, sees the man in the black rubber suit appear. Mr. Gallant, thinking this is Langdon coming to his room to finish the seduction, engages in breaking Ms. Venable’s rule of no copulation. Unknown to him, Mr. Gallant’s grandmother witnesses this tryst and takes the opportunity to ruin her grandson’s chances of going with Langdon to the self-sufficient sanctuary to live and tells Miriam about the rule he has broken. It is at this point we see Mr. Gallant has been chained up in the center of a room by his wrists while Ms. Venable questions his relationship with Langdon, thinking the two are former lovers, and with each thing that Gallant says, Miriam proceeds to lash him with a bullwhip.

Once Ms. Venable and Miriam are done with this punishment and leave, Langdon shows up in the room telling Mr. Gallant that he was not the man in the rubber suit and that he would never touch him, even if he was the last man on earth. We then see a scene with Langdon and Venable where each shows their teeth almost as though they are two wolves trying to claim territory but in the end, Langdon seems to wear Venable down just a tad. The next few scenes well, those are too good to spoil so onward kiddies.

In the last few minutes of the episode, Emily and Timothy have been caught breaking the copulation rule as well. Now, they do have a reason for this but again, cannot give away all the details. As Timothy and Emily are being lead to their certain death, Timothy overpowers one of the henchmen by taking his gun and getting one shot off at Miriam, hitting her in the stomach. From this point on, we see Miriam limping and holding the side of her stomach. What happens after this, I was left with my mouth open at the last scene, what does it mean?

So far, I am loving the season because the show seems to have gone right back to its roots of making me think I know what is going on and then making me jump. The snakes did get me. Cody Fern is doing a phenomenal job as Michael Langdon. He’s very charismatic and attractive with a tad bit of creepy mixed in – the perfect antichrist! I do like watching Sarah Paulson as the bad guy. She plays the role of Ms. Venable without hesitation and as though she has a deep loathing for the character at the same time. I am very excited to see not only where we go next, but when the witches make their debut.


American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs on Wednesday nights at 10:00 pm EST on FX!