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AMC’s Clayton Neuman Talks New Season 9 Inspired Updates for ‘The Walking Dead: Our World’ Mobile Game

Published on October 10th, 2018 | Updated on October 10th, 2018 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead‘s augmented reality mobile game got a significant upgrade this week, and we were lucky enough to preview it during New York Comic Con alongside Clayton Neuman, VP of Games and Entertainment Applications for AMC.

As of this week, The Walking Dead: Our World mobile game has added all-new weekly content based on the show’s ninth season! Following the season nine premiere on Sunday, and then after each upcoming new episode as well, new and exclusive missions themed after the show’s content will become available. The new missions will also bring about new content including guaranteed TV show characters as rewards for completing the missions, single encounter missions and also larger group encounters (aka. infestations) all for an even greater prize. Neuman told us:

[row]”It’s a special mission every week inspired by the previous week’s episode. There will be a quest that relates to what happened in the episode, and the mission will give you guaranteed hero rewards. Whereas in other missions, you’d get a random grab bag, this upcoming mission, for example, we’re going to give you guaranteed Carol rewards because she’s going be prominent in this week’s episode. There will be infestations and encounters that are in season 9 missions. These will always be rare or epic.”[/row]

Adding to the fun of an already amazing season of The Walking Dead, fans can now play The Walking Dead: Our World and further immerse themselves into the fandom and the world of the television series. Neunam explains further that the rewards aren’t the only tie-ins to the television series that players will see in the game. He said:

[row]”There will be some new characters coming to the game from season 9 as well. Additionally, we’ve created stunning new backgrounds inspired by the new season. You might recognize the backgrounds from the Comic-Con art. We think our players are going to love it.”[/row]

So far, we love the update! Once Monday rolled around, I couldn’t wait to log in and complete my season nine mission. Neuman told us that tying the game in with the series seemed to be something the fans enjoyed in their other mobile game The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, so they hope fans will enjoy this addition to Our World as well. He said:

[row]”This is something that we also did with our other mobile game, No Man’s Land. We created game content which was directly related to the show. We found that the fans really love it. It gives us fresh content and ties us more closely in with the show. We really love having that advantage of being able to know what’s coming to the show and being able to tie that into our game. We hope fans and our players are going to love it too.”[/row]

In addition to the latest upgrades to The Walking Dead: Our World, Neuman also let us in on some top-secret additions they are developing for future releases which will, without a doubt, take this game to a completely new level of awesome. If you’re not playing The Walking Dead: Our World yet now is the time to start because AMC and Next Games have plenty of tricks up their sleeves which will make this the most exciting AR mobile game on the market.

The Walking Dead: Our World is now available in 153 countries across the globe as a free download (with in-app purchases). To download the game, please visit the Apple App Store and Google Play, 

Do you play The Walking Dead: Our World? Have you completed the first season nine mission? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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