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Amber Heard’s Sister Testifies She Witnessed Johnny Depp Abuse Amber Heard

Published on May 19th, 2022 | Updated on May 19th, 2022 | By FanFest

Amber Heard‘s sister testified in court on Wednesday that she saw actor Johnny Depp hit her sister repeatedly when they were married.

Whitney Heard Henriquez, Heard’s younger sister, took the stand in court on Wednesday as part of her sisters’s defamation trial Depp.

Henriquez said that she lived with Heard and Depp during their relationship on and off. She thought of Depp as a brother.

Henriquez testified that she had done cocaine with Depp, including just before one incident where she saw Depp throw a Red Bull can at his nurse, Debbie Lloyd. During the altercation, Depp ran up a set of stairs toward her.

Amber Heard's Sister Testifies She Witness Johnny Depp Abuse Amber Heard

“He comes up behind me, strikes me in the back. I hear Amber shout don’t hit my f****** sister. She smacks him, lands one,” Henriquez said. “By that time Johnny had already grabbed Amber by the hair with one hand and was whacking her repeatedly in the face with the other.”

In a 2018 op-ed for the Washington Post, Heard defamed Depp, according to him. She referred to herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse” in the article, which was published roughly two years after their divorce. Despite the fact that he was not mentioned in the article, Depp claims it caused him to lose lucrative acting opportunities.

A $100 million counterclaim has been filed by Heard.

Heard has accused Depp of physically and sexually abusing her over the course of their relationship. During his testimony, Depp denied ever striking Heard.

In the trial, Depp’s legal team accused Heard of being the abusive partner.

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Henriquez, who was questioned by Depp’s attorney Rebecca Lecaroz, said that she might act like a marital counselor and frequently sided with Depp in debates. When asked why she supported her sister after wanting to remain in the relationship with Depp.

“You wanted Ms. Heard to stay with Mr. Depp even after you saw him hit her, right?” Lecaroz asked.

“That’s really oversimplifying something that’s far from simple. Again, Amber was very much in love, so was Johnny. She’s telling me that she wants something. Whether or not I agreed to it or not, whether or not I was OK with what was happening, it wasn’t my place,” Henriquez testified.

On Tuesday, Jurors heard from several witnesses, including a makeup artist and an acting coach who worked with Heard, who said they observed her with injuries during their relationship.

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Following a May 2016 fight, which resulted in Heard obtaining a restraining order against Depp and the couple separating, multiple people witnessed her with injuries on her face.

Two Los Angeles Police Officers testified that they did not see any injuries on Heard’s face or any disarray in the former couple’s home. However, the testimony of the two officers was contradicted by that of other witnesses.

The trial is set to continue on today.

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