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Amber Heard has Resorted to Utilizing an Alias, ‘Martha Jane Canary’, Now Anywhere She Goes

Published on March 6th, 2023 | Updated on March 6th, 2023 | By FanFest

The high-profile legal dispute between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began in 2016 when the actress filed for divorce from the actor due to irreconcilable differences, later alleging abuse. In spite of this, Depp denied her claims. But after Amber heard’s op-ed article published in 2018 on The Washington Post, he decided to take action by filing a defamation case against her – claiming that his reputation has been damaged as well as his career prospects because of what she had written.

The trial, which was heavily scrutinized in the media, presented evidence of violence and bruises as well as witnesses who safeguarded each party’s innocence. Despite this information though, the court decided to rule against Amber Heard— a choice that stirred up an abundance of debates and rocked both parties’ careers. As a result of such harsh judgement placed on her shoulders, negative attention followed Amber wherever she went; thus forcing her to use an alias name ‘Martha Jane Canary’ so that she could maintain some privacy amidst all the chaos.

In spite of publicly humiliating him during a difficult moment in his life, the Pirates producer is still eager to have Johnny Depp take on the role of Jack Sparrow. “Johnny is an incredible friend and artist,” they proclaim.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial to Continue, as Heard Will Appeal Instead of Settling

Amber Heard Using an Alias to Travel

As reported by Diario De Mallorca and Marca, Amber Heard was spotted on the Spanish holiday destination of Palma de Mallorca accompanied by her daughter Oonagh Paige and girlfriend Bianca Butti. The One More Time actress has been masking her true identity when booking travels to keep it from being known in the press.

To ensure their safety and obtain much-needed privacy, celebrities and renowned public figures often utilize aliases when they travel. After the court ruling was not in Amber Heard’s favor, she disappeared from the public eye to prevent media attention that would infringe on her or her daughter’s personal space.

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Who was Calamity Jane?

Amber Heard’s alias, Martha Jane Canary, is an iconic symbol of the Wild West. Popularly known as Calamity Jane, she was a courageous female pioneer and scout who defied norms by dressing like men and carrying a gun while drinking heavily. During the Indian Wars, Martha served as a U.S Army Scout alongside renowned gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok – solidifying her place in history for being one of America’s bravest frontierswomen ever!

Despite this, several historians suggest that the celebrated figure strictly contested the Native Americans who confronted Union’s invasion from the east and lived out ‘Manifest Destiny’ as prescribed by God. By settling in distant lands, they spread Christianity as the one true religion to people living there.

Many people speculated that by using this name, Amber Heard was taking a subtle dig at Johnny Depp’s ancestral roots as he had previously revealed his great-great-grandmother being of either Cherokee or Creek Indian descent.

The future of DC star Amber Heard’s career reportedly hangs in the balance after her Aquaman 2 reviews blasted her remaining Hollywood prospects to smithereens.

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