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Alien: Covenant: New Footage Shows A New Era Of Horror For The Franchise

Published on January 20th, 2017 | Updated on January 20th, 2017 | By FanFest


Alien: Covenant looks horrific, incredibly intense yet exhilarating all wrapped up into one – mirroring the exact concepts of what an Alien film should be.

20th Century Fox treated journalists as part of a series of upcoming films to new footage of the Prometheus sequel, including two teaser scenes and a short trailer focusing on the character of Daniels, played by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them star Katherine Waterston.

On Christmas day Fox released the first official trailer for Alien: Covenant which introduced us to a more ill-fated look into the next adventure of the franchise. It could be said that Ridley Scott is ultimately drifting away from 2012’s Prometheus and re-visiting the sense of gore like the classic 1979 Alien movie.

However, none of the footage released shows any signs of the last film’s lead character Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), or the decapitated android David (Michael Fassbender) – though it has been confirmed that they will be returning.

The first scene revealed is quite simple in that it follows the Covenant crew as they get ready to land on an unknown planet, detected by tracing the signal of what’s being characterized as a “friendly ghost.” As the group prepare to descend through the planets unearthly atmosphere, there is some expected banter between Billy Crudup’s captain and Danny McBride’s pilot characters.

Next up is a scene that will certainly send fans into an excited and possibly terrified frenzy, shooting straight into the franchises most pinnacle point of alien- infected chaos. The ship’s group have been separated whilst two members of the crew have become mysteriously infected, things have gone from good to bloody awful within a flash. For horror fans, this is a celebrated chaos due to their disappointment of Prometheus lacking the graphical horror that made the previous films so well-know.

One of the infected is rushed into a medical bay of the landing ship by two female crew members those horror is taking over their faces as they witness swelling appearing across his pained back. One of the women struggle to keep him down and finds that her hand is being sharply pierced by bones alarmingly bulging out of his spine. The other drastically escapes, thoroughly locking the door behind her – trapping her non-infected and infected companions together as the torment begins.

Just as things couldn’t get any more disgusting, the man’s back is vastly torn apart as a small creature ejects itself directly from his spine. This will be a Neomorph, a brand new breed of “baby Xenomorph” – as cute as it may sound, fresh from the man’s back it sets it sights on the woman and swiftly kills her by clawing her face. The second female crew member attempts to shoot down the Neomorph, but her attempt proves to be unsuccessful – seems as though these creatures are little athletes.

Things on the outside appear to be just as bad, as Michael Fassbender (who takes on the role of another android called Walter) appears to have no care in the world as another infected man has a Neomorph unexpectedly burst from his mouth – as shock dominates everyone in the scene, the alien gets its escape by sneaking off into a patch of grass. As fan’s thought chest-bursters were terrorising, the introduction to new back and mouth- bursters will test everyone’s scare meter.

As that part of the group gain some emotions back after being introduced to the mouth-burster, they eventually reach the landing ship. But the nightmare continues as they must watch in further trepidation as the woman’s attempt to kill the rioting Neomorph inside the medical bay ends disastrously when she hit’s a gas tank that see’s the entire ship blow, killing her too – Not a safe start to this planetary mission.

All eyes are on Alien: Covenant to keep up this hysteric factor of gore and violence shown in the exclusive footage for the entirety of the film. That said, fans are in for a delightful treat with the return of classic Alien conventions – including the clips of Daniel’s looking like a badass firing guns as she gears up to be the Ripley of a new era of the Alien franchise.

Alien: Covenant hits cinemas May 19th

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