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After Being Reported Missing, Bam Margera is Returning to Rehab

Published on June 16th, 2022 | Updated on June 16th, 2022 | By FanFest

Jackass alumni  Bam Margera has been found after being reported missing from a Florida rehab facility earlier this week.

TMZ reports that Margera was found near the facility at a hotel and is returning to the treatment center. He will be returning of his own accord, according to sources, and didn’t fight back.

TMZ’s sources say that he fled the rehabilitation facility he was being detained at and went to the Delray Beach hotel. Police found him on Wednesday, along with a crisis intervention team.

Derik Mar Germara was being kept at a treatment center under court order and had gone missing from his facility manager on Monday. He was seen departing in a black vehicle before being discovered on Wednesday.

According to initial reports, he left the facility because he wasn’t satisfied with their services and planned to look for a new rehab center. He thought the facility didn’t help him attend physical therapy sessions following his wrist break while skateboarding.

On Tuesday, the Jackass star turned a year sober. During his time out of prison, Margera posed with his “new AA sponsor” for a photo that was shared on Instagram earlier today before being discovered.

Given his confinement at the facility was due to a court order, it’s uncertain if he’ll face any legal repercussions for fleeing the premises.

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