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Adam Rejoins His Brothers In The ‘Supernatural’ Mid-Season Finale

The long-awaited return of the Winchesters half-brother is taking place in tomorrow’s mid-season finale episode “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven” of Supernatural tomorrow evening. Since this year’s SDCC, fans have eagerly awaited more news about Jake Abel’s return as Adam Mulligan. During the promo for this week’s mid-season finale below, the SPNFamily sees the long-awaited return of Adam.

According to the promo, Adam could be the good luck charm that the Winchesters need.  Adam is the key to winning the battle against God. However, Adam is not willing to trust them so quickly. Adam even he points out, “You were gonna let me rot in hell.” Sam insists that they need his help. How will Adam trust them? Until now, they were not even going to attempt to get him out of hell! Despite all the time that has passed and the bad blood between them, will they be able to put aside their differences for the greater good?

Adam might have trust issues when it comes to the boys. According to Entertainment Weekly, fans were not the only ones who wanted Adam to return. “It’s one of those things where over the past couple years I’d done a couple conventions, and I would talk to Jared [Padalecki], and Jensen [Ackles] and Misha [Collins], and they would all be like, ‘We want Adam to come back!’ And I was like, ‘Me too!’” And at this point, we have all seen Jake sitting across from Jake at the table. This scene raised a great question in the fandom. Is Abel returning to play both Michael and Adam?

Another tidbit that Abel revealed to EW is that yes, he is going to play both characters. He also had the pleasure of doing so under this week’s director, and fan-favorite to the show Richard Speight. Abel stated that “our hope was to create two distinct characters. There are things that happen that I don’t want to give away that there was an importance for me to create two different characters and be able to transition between them fluently, which was an awesome challenge.

If Abel’s words were not enough to excite us already, he also remarked, “There’s some stuff in the scene that surprised Sam and Dean, so I have a feeling it will surprise audiences as well.

If this can surprise even Sam and Dean, Supernatural fans are in for a treat tomorrow evening. Let us know below what you think the significance of Adam’s return is below.  Besides, of course, Jake Abel is finally returning because that is significant enough in itself.

Are you ready to join the hunt for the mid-season finale tomorrow?  If not, make sure to read last week’s recap before watching this week’s Supernatural at 8pm EST on The CW Network.


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