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Action Comics #50 Review: Resurrection

Published on March 9th, 2016 | Updated on May 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

“They’re all out here fighting, giving it everything they’ve got and I’m not going to let them down!” – Superman

Here is my review of Action Comics #50 which brings us Superman’s continuing battle with Vandal Savage and his “children” to reclaim what is rightfully his: The Fortress of Solitude and his birthright! This issue Savage takes Superman to his final limits and the end result is what I was expecting but, for a later issue.

Look away now if you do not wish to read any spoilers.

Wearing a kryptonite rock obtained from a dying John Corben, aka Metallo, to boost his powers but also in the end kill him (See Superman issue 49 for all the details). Superman assumes it’s going to be his final fight and goes full force into battle to stop Vandal Savages’ plans of world domination. Savage will use the infamous comet that gave him the gift of immortality to power up his children to help conquer the planet. Superman and friends free the Justice League from Savage’s clutches and begin to regroup when in the final pages; battling on a rocket, Savage shoots Superman with toxic bullets that quicken the damage from the Kryptonite radiation that is already killing him. Savage kicks Superman off the rocket and he plummets down into the Fortress of Solitude.

Thinking the Fortress will not accept him like last time, Clark figures this is the end. (The Fortress rejected
him many months ago due to his lack of identity and forbid him from entering and even stripping him of his armor). Miraculously, the fortress regenerates Kal-El of all his powers and grants him the use of his Kryptonian suit of armor.

Issue ends with Superman with Wonder Woman and the Justice League making a stand to take on Vandal Savage and his ancestors (whom he named his children), who are now empowered by the comet.

Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder wrote a nice set-up story for the upcoming penultimate issue in

Superman\Wonder Woman #27. By Superman regaining his full abilities they can get right to business in having all out battles with Savage and his immortal children. No matter how bad it got for Clark in this issue he was going to somehow overcome all adversity and gain a victory but with a blockbuster film just two weeks away DC had to regain his powers or some level before March 25th 2016. Just like when Peter Parker became Spider-Man again just before Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiered, Superman and Batman had to return to their former selves in time for the biggest battle of 2016. The art was headed by Aaron Kuder with numerous artist guest stars such as David Messina, Javi Fernandez, Bruno
Redondo and Vicente Cifuentes.

Artwork continuity was on course as they told the story well and there was never a massive change in art that would throw the reader off on any panel.

This story continues in this month’s SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #27 and then concluded in SUPERMAN #50!

Be sure to check out the next issue of Action Comics where Superman is shocked to learn that Kara (Supergirl) has been missing for some time as part three of “Super League” begins! Now, with Batman’s help, Kal-El is on his cousin’s trail,
but he can’t believe where it’s leading him and who she has joined!

Action Comics issue #51 hits the stands on April 20th.

Images from DC Comics used with permission.

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