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‘A Walk To Remember’ Remake: Mandy Moore Wants Olivia Rodrigo to Play Her Part

Published on January 26th, 2022 | Updated on January 26th, 2022 | By FanFest

This is the 20th anniversary of one of the most emotional and romantic films we’ve ever seen, and we’re still crying about it. A Walk to Remember combined typical teen drama, romance, and the additional element of living with a terminal illness. Now, Mandy Moore is looking at Olivia Rodrigo to fill her shoes.

Mandy Moore and Shane West played Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter, two teenagers from very different backgrounds who are forced together.

The film has remained popular with fans since its release, 20 years ago. Moore and West recently spoke with People about the movie, and Moore suspects it’s time for a remake of the beloved film. Moore named someone in particular to take her place in the film.

“I don’t know, Olivia Rodrigo or something like that. Someone could redo this film,” Moore told People. She went on to say that she’d love to see a reboot of the movie. “It’s been long enough that, yeah, I feel like we’ve earned our place in cinematic history for a reboot at this point.”

The unforgettable tale of A Walk To Remember is responsible for the film’s long-term impact. Jamie and Landon, the film’s main characters, don’t have much in common, but as their lives intertwine and they start to learn from one another, they reluctantly begin to change.

Tolerance develops into a friendship, and then a romance, but there’s always a restriction in place: Landon can’t fall in love with Jamie. He discovered why she made such an odd request of him after he broke the rule. Jamie was battling cancer, and the treatment wasn’t working. As they ran against the clock, they discovered that running from love was robbing them both of something so precious and rare, and they didn’t want to live another day without it.

The tale still strikes a chord with audiences today, and we have to confess — we’d love a reboot as well. Nothing will replace A Walk To Remember in our memories; nevertheless, we’d want to see the journey continue.

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