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A ‘Scream’ Star Went Undercover at Comic-Con Wearing a Ghostface Mask

This past weekend, a slew of celebrities descended on San Diego Comic-Con, and while most made their presence felt by attending panels and other events, one Scream star opted to go as a fan.

Ghostface walked the floor of Comic-Con in costume. The actor who made his debut in the iconic slasher franchise with Scream V, Jack Quaid, was dressed as Ghostface.

Taking to social media, the star showed a photo of how he was able to go to the event without being recognized by fans.

During his time in costume, Quaid was able to visit the booths and catch up with old pals. He uploaded videos and photographs of his adventures in the comments on his original post. Even while wearing the Ghostface mask, Quaid couldn’t be too cautious about which mask he chose to double up beneath, under the mask.

It looks like a fun day at the convention for Quaid, who is having a fantastic year with his breakthrough parts in Scream and the most recent season of The Boys, which was praised by social media last month.

Quaid has played Richie Kirsch in the Scream sequel reboot, so the actor is more than familiar with Ghostface to be impersonating him at the convention.

The Boys will begin filming again soon, according to reports, with filming set to begin on August 22. This might indicate that fans won’t have to wait long for more of Quaid on their screens.

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