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A Messed-Up Action Movie is Now a Huge Hit on Streaming

Published on April 24th, 2022 | Updated on April 24th, 2022 | By FanFest

Despite the fact that there is no method to choose which films achieve cult classic status, it was apparent from the moment genre fans were first informed of the project that Shoot ‘Em Up would be recognized for its uniqueness.

An absolutely insane, gruesomely violent, foul-mouthed, disarmingly charming, and completely unhinged orgy of sex, swearing, and gunplay, it fit the template down to a tee. Clive Owen plays it so straight that he’s deliberately hilarious as the deadpan Mr. Smith, an assassin with a fondness for both carrots and bullets.

He protects a newborn infant from would-be murderers, then teams up with a nursing prostitute to defend the kid from Paul Giamatti‘s scenery-inhaling adversary, who’d been hired to retrieve the child so that a dying senator’s goal of increasing his longevity by harvesting infant bone marrow might be fulfilled. Of course.

Shoot ‘Em Up is a gleefully over-the-top homage to his favorite action films, and it totally succeeds. Dialing things way back beyond 11 that even Spinal Tap would be lost, the film’s tongue remains firmly planted in its cheek for a fast 86 minutes as

According to FlixPatrol, Shoot ‘Em Up has been undergoing a streaming resurgence this weekend on the iTunes charts, 15 years after flopping at the box office owing to failure to recoup even $27 million of the $39 million budget.

Tell it to any diehard supporter of blood, guts, action, and octane, though, and you’ll immediately notice their eyes light up with gleeful insanity. Check out the trailer below!

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