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A Collection of our Favorite (and Most Terrifying) Urban Legends

Published on September 12th, 2017 | Updated on September 12th, 2017 | By FanFest

If you’ve been to the movies to see IT this weekend, chances are, you’re sleeping with a night light. We aren’t judging you at all. In fact, our night light projects stars onto our ceiling (no seriously, it does). The movie was terrifying, and whether or not it’s really ruining the clown business, clowns are terrifying outside of Stephen King’s IT too.

Quite frankly, our fear of clowns began with an intensely scary urban legend about a clown statue. Since we were already thinking about that, we decided to look back at a few that genuinely scare us the most. So if you’re already sleeping with that night light, you might as well read what we feel are the scariest urban legends ever.

The Clown Statue

Alright, so we’re not even fully comfortable typing this one, but here goes. There’s something inherently scary about babysitting, especially when you’re in a home for the first time.

Add a killer clown to the mix, and you’re dealing with something so terrifying that you’ll be sleeping with the lights on for months…or, well, you’ll be dead.

The story says a young lady goes to babysit for a family for the first time and the kids were asleep upon her arrival. She finds herself something to do for a while but eventually wants to watch television. She goes upstairs to see a television in the parents bedroom, but not before she checks on the children.

When she walks in the room she sees a terrifying clown statue incredibly close to one of the beds. She cringes and walks out, calling the parents. She gets the green light to watch television in their bedroom but also asks if she can cover up the clown statue by their daughter’s bed. The parents panic and tell her to get the children out of the house – they don’t own a clown statue.

Alas, it’s too late, the clown has found its way into the parents bedroom, unnoticed, and no one survives.

We genuinely got chills just typing that one up, so it’s safe to say our fear of clowns has been long instilled in us.

Route 666

The legend, or legends, of Route 666 are enough to make you rethink the road trip you were considering taking down US Route 491. Yep, a name change isn’t going to erase all that evil.

All of the legends have their own unique brand of fear but what connects them all is that they’re other worldly figures or spirits that call the stretch of road home and no one is safe from their ‘haunting’.

The flaming truck legend is one many truck drivers have experienced. It starts with a ‘phantom truck’ where sparks are flying everywhere as they’re chased, sometimes off the road. witnessed this unusual event that is associated with the story of a very fast flaming phantom

The next is Satan’s Sedan which is the legend where a black sedan shows up out of nowhere and will chase vehicles until it’s able to smash into them and send them off the road. Of course, there’s no one driving the sedan, just a dark figure close to the wheel.

This one is probably the one that spooked us the most. Some say that Satan’s hounds exist off Route 666 and appear as a pack of dogs with yellow eyes and razor sharp teeth. They come at your vehicle with force as they crash through windows to tear you apart or first go for the tires so that you’re stuck in anticipation while you crash and wait for them to come for you.


The Green Ribbon

We mean this in the…nicest way possible, but sometimes kids are just creepy. Maybe it’s the fact that many legends and scary stories show them as vulnerable prey due to their innocence or because of that creepy child laughter in horror films. Whatever it is, sometimes they’re just spooky.

So, the green ribbon is sure to frighten anyone, and maybe make you think twice about those kids you see around Christmas with green and red ribbons as necklaces.

Legend has it that a girl wore a green ribbon around her neck for her entire life. Not once taking it off. She got married, went on to have a good life, and upon her death bed she allows her husband to finally remove the green ribbon.

What happens next? Well, her head simply falls off. Yep. The green ribbon was literally keeping her head in the game. The worst part? It’s often told as a children’s story.

Talk about a bed time story.

The Killer in the Backseat

This is another one that absolutely terrifies us because it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility. Plus, we drive a lot at night!

So legend has it that a young woman is driving and pulls over to fill up her gas tank. From here, either another person at the station or the attendant tries to get her attention but comes off as ‘creepy’. Maybe they’re too insistent that she leave the car, maybe it’s an eerie feeling being alone at night, but she refuses and gets back in the car.

She looks out her rear view window and luckily isn’t being followed. However, she does notice a man slowly rising up from her back seat and, well, he kills her.

Turns out, the guy was trying to be helpful.

While we have to admit, there are very few urban legends that DON’T creep us out, those have to be a few of the ones that simply make our skin crawl.

What’s your favorite – or most feared – urban legend? Let us know.


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