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‘90210’ Star Tori Spelling Learns her Producer Father was Responsible for Her Character Being a Virgin

Published on June 9th, 2023 | Updated on June 9th, 2023 | By FanFest

Tori Spelling recently discovered the reason why her character, Donna Martin, remained a virgin throughout the duration of the popular show “Beverly Hills, 90210.” It turns out that the idea came from her late father, Aaron Spelling, who was a producer and writer for the show. The revelation came during an episode of Spelling’s podcast, “9021OMG,” where she discussed the topic with Charles Rosin, another producer and writer on the show.

According to Rosin, Aaron Spelling had expressed to him that Donna should be a virgin, and the idea was enthusiastically embraced by the show’s writers. Spelling admitted that she had always suspected her father’s involvement but was unsure if it was his explicit suggestion. Rosin confirmed that it was indeed Aaron Spelling’s idea, and the decision was well-received by the rest of the team as it helped differentiate Donna’s character.

One of the advantages of keeping Donna a virgin was that it allowed her to dress provocatively without undermining her purity. Rosin explained that regardless of her attire, Donna could still blend in and maintain her status as a virgin, providing an interesting dynamic for her character.

Although Donna eventually lost her virginity in the seventh season of the show, Spelling’s conversation with Rosin shed light on the deliberate decision to keep her character celibate for a significant portion of the series. This choice resonated with many teenage viewers who related to Donna and felt that her portrayal made being a virgin acceptable and even cool.

In previous interviews, Spelling has expressed similar sentiments about her character’s celibacy, noting that fans often approached her and shared their experiences of feeling insecure about being virgins. Donna’s portrayal helped them feel more comfortable and confident in their choices.

While the decision for Donna to remain a virgin was intentional, Spelling jokingly mentioned that she eventually suggested to her father that it was time for Donna to have sex on the show. In real life, the cast members of “Beverly Hills, 90210” reportedly had relationships with each other, a fact that Aaron Spelling was unaware of, according to Spelling’s memoir.

The revelation of Aaron Spelling’s influence on Donna Martin’s character provides a fascinating glimpse into the behind-the-scenes decisions that shaped the iconic television series. Tori Spelling continues to reflect on her time on “Beverly Hills, 90210” and share intriguing insights with fans through her podcast, offering a deeper understanding of the show’s creative process.

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