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5 Disneylicious Desserts You Need To Eat

Published on January 12th, 2017 | Updated on January 13th, 2017 | By FanFest

Ah, Disney. The epicenter of many fulfilled childhood dreams, the reliable smile generator, the nucleus of why the modern concept of “growing up,” really has no appeal (thanks, Peter Pan). With the current appeal of “fandom culture” worldwide, Disney is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle (want to show your Disnerd stripes? There’s even a furniture collection dedicated to the House of Mouse). Aside from its enduring characters, classic songs (raise your hand if you still jam out to Zero to Hero when it pops up on shuffle) and extensive merchandise, Disney has also inspired our taste buds with their delectable cuisine. If you fancy yourself a maverick in the kitchen (or you have a really nice friend who will make you stuff), you must try these five Disneylicious desserts:

5) Cinderella French Macaroons

Credit: I See Melanie/ YouTube

Snow White may be the OG Disney princess, but Cinderella is the film that saved a financially-blunted Walt Disney from declaring bankruptcy (as rapped by Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar, who once slipped into Cindy’s glass slippers for the sake of a Whitney Avalon-produced rap battle: “My movie saved the studio when Walt was out of money. You followed in my footsteps, without me there’s no you. Disney built an empire on these tiny glass shoes.”) The 2015 live-action movie charmed audiences all over again, and even inspired YouTuber I See Melanie to make (and share) the recipe for Cinderella-style French macaroons. Check out the tasty treats below:


4) Frozen Olaf Marshmallow Cupcakes

Credit: Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

No matter how you feel about 2013’s Frozen, the 3D-animated box office titan has become a behemoth in the world of animation. Separated from the Disney Princess line because it was such a financial success, the movie has heralded an outpouring of creativity from the Disney community like never seen before. Blogger-turned-cookbook-author Jill Mills shared the recipe for these scrumptious Olaf marshmallow cupcakes on her website here. They look a little silly, and they taste great too!

3) Zootopia “The Big Donut”

Credit: Disney

2017 Golden Globe winner Zootopia has a lot to be proud of: it’s the third highest-grossing movie of the year we don’t talk about, the 25th-highest grossing movie of all time, and on top of all that, it was actually a fantastic movie with a solid story and likeable characters. One of Zootopia’s memorable scenes involves rookie police officer Judy Hopps saving a mob boss’s daughter from being crushed by a (comparatively) giant donut sign. Naturally, the internet worked to make that potentially-lethal donut into an edible reality. If you’ve ever wanted to bite into The Big Donut that almost killed Fru Fru the arctic shrew, you can grab the recipe here. Others have put their spin on it as well. If you happen to make this, definitely send us a picture (and a sample!)

2) Beauty and the Beast Teacup Cupcakes


Who loves Beauty and the Beast? We love Beauty and the Beast! Combining our excitement for the upcoming live-action remake of the 1991 Academy Award-winning film and our devotion to cupcakes is the best idea we’ve ever heard. We know you’re excited too, and if you need an extra dose of Disney magic while you’re waiting for March, be our guest (…sorry). Check out the recipe here. Not only does the website show you how to get those easy-to-bake cupcakes from your imagination into your stomach, it shows you how to top the creation off with sugar roses. How enchanting!

1) Mickey Mouse Pie Pops

Credit: Disney

This list wouldn’t be complete with at least one nod to the mouse that started it all. Mickey has seen the best of times, the worst of times, and gone through countless adaptations. He’s been making headlines these days for his character’s part in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game from Square Enix, though these pie pops are front page-worthy too! The sweet-as-pie (…sorry, again) recipe is available here, and also as a nifty YouTube video below:


Whether you’re enjoying a vacation at Disney World or at home watching your favourite Disney flick, we hope these recipes satisfied your sweet tooth. Let us know if you tried baking any in the comments below!

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