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5 Cheese Recipes You’ll Thank Us For

Published on January 20th, 2017 | Updated on February 16th, 2017 | By FanFest

Happy National Cheese Lovers’ Day! We know, you’re probably shocked to see a fandom post about cheese of all things— but hey, when you love something, you love it. Cheese can change the very foundation of a dish. It’s the perfect add-on to broccoli soup, and is usually a solid basis for some quality dad jokes (“What do you call cheese that’s not yours? Nacho cheese!”) If you’re feeling a little rumbly in the tumbly, grab a slice of cheese and enjoy these five terrific recipes:

5) Grilled cheese rolls


Grilled cheese is a childhood staple, and let’s face it: as an adult, it’s an inexpensive, quick way to sate your appetite. But sometimes, especially if you’re a regular consumer of  sandwiches, it can seem a little bland. Fear not! Gimmesomeoven on has shared the recipe for these freaking amazing grilled cheese rolls. It takes exactly 10 minutes to make (sweet!) and there’s even a crustless option. We know it’s supposed to be used as a refined tomato soup dunker, but honestly, these gooey pieces of heaven are good enough to devour on their own!

4) Three-cheese stuffed mushrooms

Credit: Realhousemoms

Are you hosting a party? Do you want to impress your parents? Do you just love mushrooms? This is the dish for you! Stuffed mushrooms are mouthwatering on their own, but adding three types of cheese pretty much turns them into mind-blowing bite-sized, addictive snacks. Get the recipe here. These take a little longer to make than the aforementioned grilled cheese rolls, but they’re definitely worth the extra effort (and a bit of mess!) Everyone in your family will enjoy these, but you don’t have to share.

3) Oreo no-bake mini-cheesecake

Image Credit: Kraft

Nobody equates a block of cheddar or a wheel of smoked gouda with dessert, but creamed cheese is the perfect topping for pretty much any kind of sweet treat that requires one. Especially these mini Oreo no-bake cheesecakes, a fun and fast dessert that will have everyone singing your praises. These are inexpensive to make, and you don’t have to be a Master Chef to do it (this particular recipe only calls for six ingredients). But you do have to freeze them for four hours (or until they’re firm), so you’ll want to set aside the proper amount of time to make them. Don’t expect them to be ready after an hour on ice. We swear to you, these are proof that the old saying “good things come to those who wait,” is absolutely, 100% true.


2) Baked macaroni and cheese


After work, sometimes all you want to do is curl up with Netflix, a glass of wine, and some comfort food. This baked macaroni and cheese will hit the spot. It takes 40 minutes to make (which can seem like an eternity if you’re already burned out); but if you know in advance that you want to serve mac and cheese on your next night of binge-watching, you can store this in a Ziploc bag and stash it in the freezer until you need it.


1) Parmesan Dip


Sometimes, laying out food for a party can be a minefield— guests have allergies or dietary restrictions, others are on a diet and will hysterically accuse you of trying to sabotage their progress if you order a pizza— and that’s not even counting work parties where you need to make a good impression. But there’s no need to melt your brain trying to find something that will stun people’s palettes; sometimes a simple cheese dip can go a long way.  Something like this Parmesan cheese dip is yummy enough to please everyone everyone, whether they use it to dunk veggies, pita chips, or some other snack food.

Wherever you are, we hope you’re finding a way to enjoy cheese the way it was meant to be enjoyed— with love.

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