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’47 Meters Down’ is Getting a Sequel

There’s something about the ocean, vast and expansive, that encompasses a great fear of the unknown for many. While the water contains a sense of freedom, the unknown just beneath you is enough to make some beach-goers stay close to shore.

That, however, was not the case in 47 Meters Down where two sisters went on a vacation of sorts – or an escape from reality and an opportunity to bond again – and were swept away by the magic of swimming with the sharks. What they didn’t expect, however, was to literally be swept away as their cage plummeted ’47 meters down’ where they faced obstacles that left audiences on the terrifying experience right along with them.

The budget for the film was around $5 million, so when the film raked in over $50 million, a sequel was all but solidified. The only real question was when the sequel would happen. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the sequel has officially been green lit and the same director has signed on with a new take on being trapped in the depths of the ocean, surrounded by sharks.

Also, it’s title? Simply, 48 Meters Down. Which means we’ll see one extra meter of depth and despair.

Mike Runagall from Altitude Film Sales, who worked on 47 Meters Down, had this to say about the sequel.

47 Meters Down has captured the imagination of audiences worldwide, and we’re thrilled to be reteaming with the filmmakers and our friends at The Fyzz for the sequel, which will ratchet up the thrills and spills to a whole new level.’

The Fyzz Facility’s James Harris had this to say about the success of 47 Meters Down.

We are so pleased by the huge success of 47 Meters Down; it totally exceeded all expectations. 48 Meters Down will take the claustrophobia of cave diving and the thrill of shark encounters and move everything to the next level.

As Harris said, 48 Meters Down will follow a similar premise but introduce a new obstacle in the form of cave diving. Also, instead of following the tale of two sisters, it will document a group of girls who want more than the ‘average’ experience while visiting the coast of Brazil.

No set release date has been projected yet, but we’ll be some of the first fans in the theaters to see the sequel when it premieres. Who doesn’t love a little shark drama?