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4 ‘Aquaman’ Scene Details are Revealed

Published on October 3rd, 2018 | Updated on October 3rd, 2018 | By FanFest

Warning: This article might contain spoilers.

James Wan is working on his version of Aquaman. In September, Wan revealed some clips from the DC Comics film to Screenrant. He told press that the footage was largely incomplete, as the audio and visual effects have not been completed.

Origin Story

The first scene we learned about was the Arthur Curry Origin story. A storm in Amnesty Bay in 1985 washes Atlanna, the Queen of Atlantis, ashore.

The film is narrated by Jason Mamoa’s character, Arthur Curry, telling the audience his family’s history. Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) has a gash on her side, and Arthur’s father finds her and takes her home to offer help. She is startled by her surroundings upon coming back to consciousness. It is soon revealed that she fled her marriage to look for something, but she stumbled upon John and fell in love, leading to Arthur’s birth.

Momoa says it’s a”a love that should never have been”. They are shown in a blissful light, but the happiness won’t last long.

The peace is destroyed when the home is blown up by armed guards of Atlantis. They want to return her and take her into custody. Tom tells her to flee with Arthur.

Atlanna Leaves

A fight scene ensues after this, as Atlanna erupts on the guards. After she defeats them one by one, she knows she needs to leave. She tells her beloved and son that she’ll return when it’s safe.

You can probably guess whether or not she ever returns.

Arthur & Orm

In the next scene shown, Arthurs is face to dace with Orm (Patrick Wilson). Orm is his half brother and ruler of the throne at Atlantis. The viewer can tell that people remember Atlanna differently than he does.

Mera says she would be ashamed of him, and his opposing ideals to what she believed in.

When he meets Arthur in the Ring of Fire, they banter.

Arthur says he wishes he knew “what a dick he’d turn out to be,” We then find out Atlanna’s fate.

Arthur is next in line for the throne, but he has to prove himself by defeating Orm-a challenge offeree by Orm himself. It’s either that, or he leaves and never returns.

Arthur chooses to battle.

Arthur & Mera

The last scene press saw, was a scene in which Arthur and Mera jump out of a plane over the Sahara. They don’t use parachutes, either.

They walk through the sand to an Atlantean temple. Arthur comments on how deolate the desert is, and why they came here. They talk about pollution and banter back and forth. Arthur is very funny and charismatic.

It’s safe to say their romance is going to bloom. Wan has said that Romancing the Stone is one of his big inspirations for the film.

Wan told,

“You will definitely see more of it with the stuff that I’m going to show coming up, and I think it was important very early on when I met with Jason Momoa, and just seeing how likable the guy is in person,” Wan said. “How charismatic, and how funny and goofy he is. And right off the start, I just wanted to bring a lot of his personality into his character. I didn’t want to make a whole movie where he’s heavy, and moody, and stuff like that. That’s not the movie I wanted to make, so just digging into Jason, and getting that out of him was very important. His personality plays really strongly throughout this whole film. I really want to lean into who he is, and make this character kind of synonymous to him. And a lot of the humor definitely comes from what he’s like.”

What did you think of the scene descriptions so far?

Aquaman stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. It hits theaters December 14th, 2018!


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