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25 Times The Internet Had Jokes About The Avengers

Published on April 21st, 2017 | Updated on April 21st, 2017 | By FanFest

1. When they understood your finals mentality:

2. When they captured the true essence of Bruce Banner:

3. When this joke got too real:

4. When they found the creator of this popular cake meme:

5. When they were here for Sam Wilson:

6. When they created this beautiful pun:

7. When they discovered Thor’s real superpower:

This revelation about how the team dynamics work.

8. When they helped you realize that you too were Tony Stark:

9. When they created this perfect Captain America gem:

10. When they revealed the true origin story of Civil War:

11. When they accurately described you at the theater:

12. When they revealed how adorable Cap is curled into a ball:

When they basically proved that there should be a whole movie of just this technique.

13. When they mad-libbed a bit:

14. When they created the perfect Disney crossover:

15. When they critiqued Steve’s form:

16. When they had no time for Steve’s showmanship:

17. When they perfectly captured this feeling:

18. When they created what we were all thinking:

19. When they put into perspective just how hard it must be to work with Steve:

20. There is no shortage of Steve Rogers memes on Tumblr:

21. When they had this brilliant response:

When they solved Cap's money problems.

22. When they discovered just how powerful Tony Stark is:

Hell, this is how powerful Tony Stark is.

23. When they used labels:

These varying levels of professionalism.

24. When their breakfast was deemed worthy:

Thor helping out.

25. And lastly- when they gave us this blessed reminder:

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