Emily Kinney Releases New Single, ‘Holding Your Hand in Nashville’

CR: Walker Stalker Con/Heather Millsap

Today, singer-songwriter and actress Emily Kinney released a new single, Holding Your Hand in Nashville. Best known for portraying Beth Greene in The Walking Dead, the artist has continued to build an outstanding music and acting career following her departure of the series in 2014. Her previous single, The Turtle and the Monkey was released on October 31st before being played during an episode of the current season of The Walking Dead. These two recent songs from Kinney have put their own spin on her music, as they’re more strip-down than some of her other songs from albums such as This is War and Oh, Jonathan. In addition to sharing her own music, Emily Kinney also shares music that she listens to herself, by creating playlists on Spotify such as “iced coffee” and “americano to stay.” The playlists include music from her friends such as Jacob Jeffries, as well as music from major hit names like Crosby Stills, Nash & Young.


Emily Kinney is also selling new pieces of merchandise on her online store, which can be found here! Latest additions to her store include hoodies with her name and seagulls on them, and signed 8×10 photos.


Holding Your Hand in Nashville is now available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Music.


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