‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Kiss Kiss Breach Breach’

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The Flash Recap ‘Kiss Kiss Breach Breach’

This week, Team Flash prepares to continue on without Barry as he and Iris go on a mini-vacation. Cisco has created a program that thinks like Barry, called BARI, to help him come to a decision in times of need. He puts it to the test when Breacher arrives on Earth-Prime and tells him that Gypsy is dead. Cisco and Camilla investigate her death, which puts them on the trail of an illegal breacher named Echo. Cisco creates a device that will allow him to vibe again, and that’s when he and Breacher see Gypsy’s death. And who is the mysterious Echo? Well, it’s Cisco.

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Since learning that Barry will have to die, Cisco has been putting in long hours to perfect BARI. He also has had problems sleeping, and according to Camilla, he’s even started sleep walking. His first incident coincides with Gypsy’s death. Cisco is starting to believe that he may have been responsible. He consults BARI, but the system isn’t giving him any advice. Camilla, however, tells Cisco that Barry trusts him to return the team because of who he is. He can sometimes provide what Barry can’t. Cisco just needs to be Cisco and think through the problem. That’s when he realizes that he started using a white noise machine in order to help him sleep. Sure enough, someone has been hacking it.

Cisco tracks down Echo and finds the Earth-19 version of himself. Echo has been breaching all over the universes and creating fake identities using other Ciscos. Gypsy had been tracking him, and when she finally caught up to Echo, the sight of his face made her hesitate. That’s when Echo killed her. The two Ciscos fight, but Echo gains the upper hand. He takes Cisco’s fallen gun, but Cisco had planned for Echo to get his hands on the weapon. He reverse-engineered it to encase whoever pulled the trigger in field they can’t escape from. Echo is taken back to Earth-19 where he will pay for his crimes.

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While all of this is going down, Joe has been following Nash. He and the new Wells end up in a cave-in where they are forced to talk about the idea of faith. Joe believes that someone from the team will find them, even though none of them know where he is or that he was even following Nash. Nash, on the other hand, doesn’t have any faith. He also refuses to believe in the power of teamwork. Of course, Nash is mistaken, as Ralph shows up to save them. After, Joe tells Nash that he doesn’t have to do whatever he’s doing alone. There are people available to help him. Nash agrees, telling them to meet him in the tunnels. He knows a way to save Barry’s life.

We’re rapidly approaching the Crisis and I’m interested to see what Nash has cooked up. Regardless of his plan, the Crisis is going to change The Flash. The show runners have already said that the second half of the season will deal with the fallout of the crossover. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that someone else will have to die in Barry’s place. The Flash has had a solid opening to the season and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

Next week’s episode is ‘License to Elongate.’


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