‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Prologue Gameplay

Image via Square Enix

Do you remember seeing the first trailer for Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix’s Avengers game? Do you then remember how it vanished from the face of the earth?

The first teaser for the game was released in January 2017. After that we saw and heard nothing until E3 2019. Even with a full trailer, Square Enix have refrained from showcasing any type of actual gameplay.

Well, that changed today.

As part of Gamescom in Cologne, Square Enix released 18 minutes of gameplay from the opening act.

The prologue takes place on Avengers Day- a holiday I believe we should celebrate even though the heroes are fictional. The massive celebration is disrupted when Taskmaster and his goons attack the Golden Gate Bridge. The Heroes gear up and head towards the fight.

You can watch the gameplay right here.

The prologue allows you to take control of all of the Avengers. First Thor, then Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and then finally Black Widow. While I was already excited for the game, this sneak peak really did it for me. We finally got a good idea as to how the characters move, what their abilities are and how the game looks aesthetically.

What I love is how the heroes vary. I already know that my favourite character will be Thor. Watching Thor make his way across the Golden Gate Bridge gave me serious God of War vibes and I consider that to be an excellent thing.

Who are you looking forward to playing as? Let us know in the comments!


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