‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap “The Decision Reverberation”


The gang sees The Avengers movie (I’m assuming Endgame) and Leonard is compromising, as always. He can’t do 3D without getting queasy but they see 3D version anyway, leaving Leonard sick as a dog.  Because of this, Penny wants Leonard to stand up for himself. She wants him to decide what they’re doing to break him of his ‘people pleasing ways.’


Leonard decides to have sex with his wife and then watch Star Trek. He takes it a step further and changes Chinese food night to BBQ food night and even sits in Sheldon’s spot! Sheldon may not be happy, but Leonard sure is. Leonard even suggests writing a proposal to get a promotion or he’ll quit. Sheldon doesn’t think he’ll get it but doesn’t know if that’s because he’s selfish or because he cares.


Leonard refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer. Unfortunately, a ‘no’ is what he gets but the university doesn’t want to lose him. Leonard is the co-principal investigator on a project.

During a star show, Raj is bombarded with questions about aliens. He’s been reduced to a joke at work and although he tries hard, he can’t shake the ridicule.


I’m so proud of Leonard for embracing his selfish side and being more assertive. I just wish this happened sooner, he deserved this. I do wish he didn’t dive head first into the me, me, me mentality. Don’t risk your job over something like this. Thankfully it worked out in his favor, but I was legitimately worried for him. On another note, Anu is back but we only see her for a quick second. Only a few episodes left and I’m not ready…


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