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‘The Perfectionists’ Recap “The Patchwork Girl”

Freeform/Scott Patrick Green

Ali is trapped in Taylor’s trailer while Mona investigates Ray Hagadorn, the janitor. He knows about Mona’s secret program and in exchange for his privacy, he tells her about a potential suspect list. Turns out Ray was tight with Taylor as well, and also thinks she may be alive. He was trying to warn Taylor. Mona tries to warn Ali, but is intercepted by Booker. The conversation shifts into their own dirty secrets.

Freeform/Scott Patrick Green

Ali tries to reason with Taylor to get her to help find Nolan’s killer. She faked her death because someone was after her. Her mother used Mona’s program to find Ali so Ali can find Taylor for her. Ali brings her back to her home before reading an important message from Mona. She needs to get Taylor out of the house and somewhere safe.

Ava is hard at work on her designs, but the liars have to stop Mason before Ava’s fashion show. She wants Caitlin to lure Mason to Nolan’s cabin so they can drug him into telling the truth.

This episode seems to just keep punching Ava in the stomach. First, she finds a note from her father in her pencil sharpener, then she gets a weird call, possibly from her father and then she finds a photo of Nolan with Dylan. Now the liars are upset with each other and are fighting.

Mason is running late and while Dylan and Ava call it a night, Caitlin stays to wait for him. Unfortunately, Mason says he’s not drinking so Caitlin improvises by smacking him in the head, knocking him out. She runs away with his phone, calling Dylan and Ava to meet her. A car comes rushing by and hits Caitlin. Is the phone ok?

Freeform/Scott Patrick Green

Is the phone Alex and Mary Drake are still alive?! I completely forgot about them. I’m loving how the previous show is mixing into this one. Will we find out why Mona left France? Where did Taylor go? Who was after her and why? I have so many questions! This episode didn’t advance the plot much, but it did bring the liars closer together, despite sending one to the hospital.

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