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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Godspeed’

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The Flash Recap ‘Godspeed’

It’s finally time to learn the truth about Nora. Following Sherloque’s big reveal that Nora has been working with Thawne the entire time, Barry locks his daughter in the pipeline, incredibly hurt by her betrayal. Iris actually pulls for them to try to understand what Nora was going through in order to turn to Thawne, so Team Flash reads Nora’s journal.

In her time, Nora was a CSI, just like Barry, and has a fascination with speedsters. She and her best friend, Lia, end up investigating a series of robberies. From the crime scene footage, Nora figures out that they are after a speedster because of a flash of white lightning. This leads them to Thawne, where they question him about speedsters and why one might want to steal certain chemicals. Later, they track the villain to a lab, where he attacks Nora with a burst of lightning, knocking into a metal shelf. At the hospital, Lia tells Nora that the doctors removed a piece of metal from behind her shoulder, which they think came from the accident. Nora then feels the Speed Force coursing through her and she runs fast for the first time.

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Thinking she can become like her idol, Nora tries to stop a robbery, but fails. Lia tells her that it’ll take time to become the Flash, but she can do it. She also delivers the bombshell that the metal removed from her shoulder was more than that. It was a piece of tech designed to dampen her abilities. The villainous Godspeed didn’t give her powers, she’s had them all along. Nora and Lia track figure out where Godspeed is going to hit next and try to stop him, but Nora still doesn’t know how to use her powers. Godspeed kills Lia in front of her. Lia’s death and the truth from Iris that everyone knew she was a speedster, but kept it a secret, sends Nora into Thawne’s clutches. She begs him for help in mastering her abilities and stopping Godspeed. He does just that. Thawne also reveals the Time Vault to Nora, and when she goes there, she learns the truth about her father. He was the Flash and recorded one last message for her before disappearing. In the video, he apologizes for missing out on everything and tells her that he loves her, and always will.

In the present day, Iris releases Nora from the pipeline, realizing that she turned to Thawne because she didn’t have anyone else. Her best friend died in her arms and her mother wasn’t the support she should’ve been. Barry isn’t happy about this, but he still listens to the end of Nora’s tale. She says that she came from the future because she wanted to meet her dad. Barry asks to speak to Nora alone, then continues to question her about Thawne. Then, he tells her that he can’t trust her anymore, and for that reason, she has to go back to her true time. Barry runs her to the future and leaves her, saying that if she travels back again, he’ll pick up on her presence and send her right back. Barry then goes to Thawne, yelling at him for taking his daughter away from him. He then leaves him with the countdown clock hitting ten minutes.

The Flash/The CW

This was a great episode filled with so many answers. I feel bad for Nora, but she should’ve stopped seeing Thawne or at least come clean at the get-do. I am really glad that Iris is trying to be the mother that she isn’t in the future by sticking up for her. Barry is blinded by his rage against Thawne, and yes, he has a right to be angry at Nora, but he has given worse people multiple chances. His decision to send Nora back is going to cause a rift with Iris. It’s also going to greatly impact Nora, who will feel even more alienated now. I’m interested to see how everything plays out as we come into the final four episodes of the season.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Snow Pack.’

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