‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘The Getaway’

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘The Getaway’

The Legends are off to 1973 to make sure that Richard Nixon lies to the press about being a crook. Their plan is to have Charlie impersonate the president and give the speech while the real Nixon is passed out. Unfortunately, Hank interferes, forcing the Legends to go on the run with an unconscious president in an RV. Hank take control of the Waverider, but Zari breaks the controls so the Bureau can’t use it. With the ship out of commission, Hank and Nate go on a road trip after the rogue Legends (who accidentally forgot Charlie).

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Along the way, they realize that Nixon has been infected by a “truth bug,” which feeds off of lies. Constantine extracts it from Nixon and they contain it in a jar, leaving it in Mona’s protection. She feels that the bug needs some air and pokes a hole in the top of the container. As a result, it escapes from the jar and infects anyone who is telling a lie. This eventually leads to a large amount of truth bombs being dropped by Ray, Mick, and Constantine. Sara, fed up with everything and hurting because of the break-up with Ava, tries to stay out of the mix by not saying anything. She ends up telling a little lie that everything is “fine,” and the bug jumps to her. Sara goes on a long tirade, essentially blaming Mona for everything that has happened to them recently. Mona then runs away. Sara and Constantine go after her while Ray and Mick continue the original mission.

Meanwhile, Zari and Gary are trying to get to the bottom of the Bureau conspiracy. Gary enlists the help of Nora to break into Hank’s computer and do some digging. They get in and discover that things are worse than they originally thought. Zari says that the experimenting work that the Bureau is doing looks exactly like what ARGUS becomes. Before they can get anything else, Gary and Nora are interrupted by Desmond. They hide underneath the desk and the demon doesn’t catch them. Nora almost gives them away, though, when his presence triggers a reaction. She recognizes that he is an incredibly powerful being. Once Desmond leaves, Nora tells Gary to stop investigating the Bureau. Later, Desmond calls Hank to tell him that someone infiltrated his computer. Hank immediately suspects Nate.

Back in 1973, Constantine and Sara have a heart-to-heart, with Constantine telling her that it’s okay not to be okay. They are all stressed out and just because Sara is the captain doesn’t mean she has to have everything together all the time. They’re a family and will be there for each other. Of course, not that he really believes all that stuff. They finally catch up to Mona, who has gone full beast mode on a bunch of Bureau agents. Sara and Constantine try to stop her, but she is hurting and too angry. Finally, Sara manages to get through to her, saying she was wrong to tell Mona to set aside her feelings. She tells her that if she ever needs a shoulder for support, she will be there for her. Mona changes back and that crisis is averted.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Hank and Nate catch up with the RV at a roadblock following a trap set by Hank to prove Nate and Zari have been plotting against him. They arrest the Legends and Hank is about to take them away when Nixon appears. The truth bug gets loose, finding its way to Nate, who then starts saying he knows about Hank’s true work and that he can’t even look at him anymore. He loves his dad and has loved working alongside him, but is ashamed of who he has become. Hank admits that he has been doing everything for Nate and that he hates to see him hurting. He then releases the Legends and they are free to go back to their business. Later, Zari tells Nate about the embezzling and experiments. He goes to confront his father. Desmond is waiting for Hank in his office when he returns to the Bureau. Hank says he’s having second thoughts and wants out of their arrangement. Desmond doesn’t like that and kills Hank. From her cell, Nora feels all of this happening and breaks out in an attempt to save Hank. She arrives too late, and that’s where Nate finds them. He believes Nora killed his father.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Séance and Sensibility.’


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