Michelle Pfeiffer Proves she IS Catwoman

CR: Warner Bros./DC Comics

What’s up, my fellow nerdy people? It’s time to dive into a classic movie, and yes, you guessed that right! We’re talking one of my favorite Tim Burton movies ever made in the DCU. Batman Returns came out in 1992 with a fantastic cast, Danny DeVito was cast as Penguin, Michael Keaton returned as Batman, and of course, our queen Michelle Pfeiffer was cast as the legendary Catwoman. About a week ago our queen posted on Instagram that she found the old Catwoman whip she used in the movie. Take a look below:



If that wasn’t enough, three days ago she shows off she still has the Catwoman skills from in 1992. Take a look below:


With a tagline “Just like riding a bike” and a cat emoji, she’s clad in black and is showing us exactly who the real Selina Kyle is. I’m not the only one that was very excited by this small little video, stars like Sarah Catharine Paulson and Rita Wilson commented, along with over 2000 other fans.

Girl, we feel you. We would, of course, love another movie with her as Catwoman, but how much chance do you think there is? Now, Michelle Pfeiffer showing us she found her whip, what do you think this means? Is she getting ready for another time in the catsuit? Is she getting a cameo? Leave a comment below and discuss it with us!

Go over to her Instagram and keep in touch with her posts! She’ll be releasing a fragrance soon under the name of Henry Rose.