‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘All About Eve’

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Supergirl Preview ‘All About Eve’

Lex is on the loose and the full scope of his plan is coming to fruition. Unbenownst to Kara, her copy is ready to assume the role as the true Supergirl. At the DEO, Kara and Alex decide that the best course of action is to target Eve, who they believe they can sway. She’s not going to be that easy to turn against Lex, however, and more than likely will keep Kara out of the picture while the copy wreaks havoc at the White House. This leads to Supergirl being declared Public Enemy #1.

Kara is going to need all the help she can get, and I wonder if she’s going to be forced into revealing the truth about herself to both Alex and Lena. Lex is incredibly powerful and calculating, perhaps betting on the fact that Kara will have to deal with the issue herself. Kara’s going to need everyone working together in order to stop the evil mastermind. I’m guessing that Lex will end up killing the copy and then come for the real one so that he can become the beacon of hope for humanity. With the President siding against Supergirl and aliens, and with the Sons of Liberty ready to strike, they’re just playing the role Lex laid out for them. Get rid of Supergirl and he holds humanity in the palm of his hands.