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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Time Bomb’

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The Flash Recap ‘Time Bomb’

Team Flash begins the investigation into the new Cicada. After an alarm is triggered in storage, the team discovers that the Time Sphere was stolen from them in the future and used to travel back, meaning Cicada is from the future. Soon, they find out that Grace wakes up from her coma in several years and follows in her uncle’s footsteps. She has come back to not only be with her uncle, but to get revenge for the death of her parents. Cisco vibes an ATM and discovers that Grace’s parents were killed when the machine exploded after a metahuman used it. They track down the meta and vow to protect her.

Meanwhile, Sherloque continues his investigation of Nora and the journal. He goes into the S.T.A.R. Labs storage, uncovering Harrison Wells’ wheelchair. He sits in it, then finds a button which opens a secret compartment on the side of the chair. Inside is a memory stick. Sherloque takes it to the Time Vault and has Gideon play whatever is on it. There, he is able to get a sample of Wells’ handwriting and run it against that in Nora’s journal. It’s a match.

Orlin is shocked to see what Grace has become, and after looking into the police reports about the explosion, he sees that it was just an accident. Grace won’t hear it, continuing on her dark path. Barry and Nora track the metahuman and discover that she never told her family about her abilities. She kept it a secret in order to protect them, but when Grace arrives and Vickie is forced to use her powers, it causes a rift with her family. At the hospital after the attack, Barry and Nora watch on as Vickie’s husband and daughter deal with the lie. Now that everything has changed in the past, Nora asked Thawne what she should do. For once, he is at a loss as to a course of action. His final instruction is to tell Barry the truth, which Nora can’t figure out how to do. Watching the toll it is taking on Vickie’s family isn’t helping.

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They are interrupted by Grace. Nora protects Vickie while Barry confronts the new Cicada. He tries to talk her down, but it’s no use. She is about to, probably, kill Barry when Orlin appears. He pleads with his neice, saying he’s seen the error of his ways and that this isn’t what has to happen. Grace is too far gone, though. She kills Orlin and flees the scene. Team Flash is pretty shaken after that, and is going to take an evening to unwind when Nora starts panicking about telling the truth. Cecile catches on to Nora’s anxiety. Nora can’t speak, which is when Sherloque interferes. He reveals everything to the team, though Nora begs him to stop. Thawne has been instructing her on what to do, making everyone his puppet. Barry speeds Nora into the pipeline, locking her up.

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I really wish that Nora had worked up the courage to say something, as it might have helped soften the blow, but I always assumed that Sherloque would be the one to break the news. As expected, it didn’t go over well with Barry and Iris. It is the biggest sore spot in Barry’s life. In the future, Nora’s hand was forced. She was susceptible to Thawne’s whispers because her father was gone and her mother dampened her powers. Nora should have told them the truth right off the bat, but she was under the impression that Thawne isn’t a bad guy. She didn’t realize the full truth behind his relationship with Barry. It will be interesting to see the interactions with the West-Allens moving forward, but I really just want to know what Thawne’s ultimate goal is.

The Flash is taking a couple of weeks off, returning Tuesday, April 9.