‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’

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Supergirl Recap ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’

Lex Luthor is dying thanks to Kryptonite poisoning from when he tried to kill Superman four years prior. Now, under house arrest, he is helping Lena with her research in hopes that she’ll cure his cancer. Lena is expecting something that Lex might be pulling her strings, but she understands that she needs his help in order to complete it. After James is discovered shot, and with a bullet that did incredible damage, Lena realizes that the Harun-El might be his only chance of survival. She visits Lex and together, they work on creating the cure.

At the hospital, nobody can cope with the idea that James might die. Nia and Brainy blame themselves, though noone could have predicted this coming. J’onn believes that this is the work of Manchester and leaves to go find him. Kara follows, which causes a rift with Alex, who needs her sister for emotional support. Instead, Alex finds some comfort in talking to James’ sister, Kelly. When James finally finds Manchester, the vigilante has stollen the Staff of Kalar. He also reveals that when J’onn infiltrated his mind, a connection was born, so he can see right back. Manchester escapes with the Staff.

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Lena and Lex complete the cure and she vows to not use it on James unless it is the only option. She returns to the hospital where James is undergoing a risky precedure. Suddenly, the lights flicker and everything goes dark. Manchester is using the Staff and shutting down National City. Kara and J’onn fly off to stop Manchester. J’onn asks Manchester to stop, but that’s not going to happen. The Martian wrestles the Staff away from Manchester, then uses it to kill him. Meanwhile, Lena rushes into the operating room and uses the cure on James, otherwise, he would die with the power out. It works.

James is alive, but Lena realizes that she was playing right into Lex’s hands. She returns to the Luthor mansion to confront him, saying that the power never wouldn’ve gone out at the hospital because of Manchester’s attack. Lex orchestrated that. Lena tells him that she will never use the cure on him. But it’s too late. Someone else already cured him. The guard in the room was using a holographic projector and reveals himself as Otis Graves. Lex then admits to having James shot. He needed the cure and Lena needed the motivation to make it happen. Otis detains Lena, and that’s when Lex calls in his other accomplice, the one who shot James and gave him the cure: Eve. Lex leaves Lena and Eve behind while he and Otis kill all the other guards in the mansion. They take off in a helicopter, but are met in the air by Supergirl.

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This was a really great episode, with one chapter ending and another one just beginning. Jon Cryer is such a good Lex Luthor. He did a great job at playing the manipulative, calculating man we know Lex to be. Lena figured out most of his plan, but the tue shocking moment was Eve’s turn. I didn’t see that one coming and I’m interested to know the rest of Team Supergirl’s reaction to this information. It makes sense though. Eve has been by Lena’s side through everything and has an integral part of the testing. Another really good moment in the episode is the scene between Kara and Alex in the hospital when Alex is annoyed at Kara for lying about where she is going. Their relationship is a bit strained because Alex doesn’t know the truth, and I’m wondering when all of that is going to come out. Kara can’t yet tell the truth because of Haley, but I think that Alex might end up figuring things out. When she does, I don’t think she’s going to handle it well.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘The House of L.’