‘Yesterday’ Trailer Imagines a World Where Only One Aspiring Musician Remembers The Beatles

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What if yesterday The Beatles existed but today no one knew who they were…except you? That’s the premise for a new original film coming out called Yesterday, and it looks like an utter delight!

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Yesterday follows Jack Malik (newcomer Himesh Patel) as an aspiring musician who just can’t seem to find his big break. That is until a worldwide blackout occurs landing him in the hospital.

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Everything seems pretty normal until he starts singing “Yesterday” by The Beatles to his friends and they have the gall to ask him when he wrote it.

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He quickly corrects her, crediting Paul McCartney and The Beatles, but they have to no idea who he is talking about. That’s right – he’s now living in a world where The Beatles and all of their iconic anthems don’t exist.

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So, what would any aspiring musician looking to make it big do? He starts “writing” songs such as “Let It Be” and “Hey Jude”. But will the charade last? What happens when two people who claim to be the original writers make an appearance? Set against a soundtrack of your favorite Beatles tracks, Yesterday seems to be a brilliant premise in a theater full of remakes, sequels, and book adaptions. In addition to Patel, Yesterday also stars Lily James, Ana de Armas, Lamorne Morris, Kate McKinnon,  James Corden, and Ed Sheeran. It was written by Jack Barth and directed by Danny Boyle. Check out the full trailer below!

What do you think of Yesterday? The movie hits theaters this July!

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