‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Failure is an Orphan’

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The Flash Recap ‘Failure is an Orphan’

In the future, Nora and Wells are discussing what comes next when he reveals that the future has changed. There is a newspaper article showing the final confrontation between Flash and Cicada, but the image keeps distorting because that past hasn’t cemented itself yet. Wells says that they need to act quickly as something, or someone, is trying to break through. This fuels Nora, making her overly enthusiastic in finding Cicada and giving him the cure. Barry is excited, in a way, about her drive, but Iris is a bit upset that Nora is so adament about ending this now. Once Cicada is gone, Nora will return to the future and Iris doesn’t want her to. Not yet, anyway.

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Nora asks Barry what he’s going to say to Cicada in order to get him to take the cure, but Barry doesn’t quite know. So when the time finally comes and Barry reaches out to Orlin, it doesn’t work. Barry tries to reason with him and tell him that the legacy he’s going to leave behind is one of terror, and Orlin shouldn’t want that. But Cicada doesn’t care. He escapes and Team Flash is back to square one. Meanwhile, Joe and Cecile are following up on a lead concerning the dcotor who has been helping Orlin and Grace. This is the first time the two have worked together while Cecile has had powers, and it creates a bit of tension between them. After a pep talk between Joe and Barry, he realizes that they can be a powerful team if he works with her abilities. They interogate the doctor and find out that Grace is a metahuman, and Orlin doesn’t know.

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The talk with Joe helped Barry come to the conclusion that he needs to talk to Orlin as himself, not the Flash. He needs to connect with him on the father level. Barry does so, reveleaing that Grace is a metahuman. He promises that after he cures Orlin, they will cure Grace. Orlin finally relents. They undertake the proceedure at S.T.A.R. Labs and everything is working just fine, but then, out of nowhere comes another Cicada. This new Cicada easily disposes of Team Flash, kills the doctor, and takes Orlin away. After the attack, Nora is confused as to why (and how) this happened. Cut to Orlin’s home, where he was taken by the new Cicada. She reveals herself as Grace, saying she has missed her uncle.

A bit of a twist at the end, but I had a feeling that the season might make this turn. There was a lot of anger within Grace in the episode ‘Memorabilia,’ and she threatened Nora in the memories. Her powers are unlike anything Orlin dispalyed, as he pretty much relied on the dagger. I wonder how Orlin is going to react to seeing her this way. The big question is, how is future Grace here? Wells hinted that something was struggling to break through, and I’m guessing he meant her, but how was she able to travel to the past? Was it just to save Orlin? Is the cure not really going to work and end up killing him? So many more questions, but I’m interested to see how this is all going to play out now. Grace is quite the formidable opponent.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Time Bomb.’