‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Stand and Deliver’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Stand and Deliver’

Tensions are at an all-time high following the announcement that Ben Lockwood has been named the new Director of Alien Affairs. His first move is to abolish the Alien Amnesty Act. While making his announcement, an aassassination attempt is made on his life by the Elite. Luckily, after apprehending Menagerie, Supergirl interferes, saving Ben’s life. Manchester, Hat, and the Morai all escape to fight another day. Afterward, Colonel Haley appoints Alex as Ben’s personal bodyguard.

Manchester leads his crew to the Fortress of Solitude, breaking in and stealing some of Supergirl’s tech. He then tricks Team Supergirl into thinking his true purpose for being there was to steal a bomb, when really, he was after a holographic projector. J’onn is incredibly upset that Manchester keeps evading them, falling down a dark rabbit hole. He wants to put an end to Manchester’s reign more than anything, which includes putting aside his mantra of peace.

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Ben holds another rally in his quest to end the Alien Amnesty Act, and Brainy, under the name American Alien, organizes a peaceful protest of the event. He asks Kara and Nia to march alongside him, but Kara thinks her place is on patrol. After seeing how the protestors are treated, however, Kara and Nia decide to walk amongst them. They arrive at the rally where Ben has his followers chanting “Us or them.” Everything is relatively calm, until Manchester shows up. He uses the holographic projector, inciting a riot. Brainy is able to take Hat down, while J’onn goes after the real Manchester. J’onn tells Manchester that he is deluded in thinking this is what his deceased fiancee would want. He’s just using her death as an excuse to act this way. Manchester still claims that his way is justice. He pushes J’onn, trying to see who he really is, before finally escaping.

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Meanwhile, the police have arrived to break up the riot. All the while, James is there taking photos, wanting to show the truth of what happened. In a surprising turn, humans and aliens help each other in the aftermath. James publishes his photos, which causes the repeal of the Act to have a Congressional hearing. This is a win for Team Supergirl, as people are starting to see that humans and aliens can coexist. The war isn’t over, though. Later that night, as James is leaving his office, he is shot by an unknown assailant.

This episode set up a lot of threads for the end of the season. One, Alex is starting to come around to the side of the aliens, even going so far as to strong-arm Ben and tell him that he’s the problem during the rally. Two, J’onn fully embracing his title as “Martian Manhunter” as he searches for Manchester. Three, Colonel Haley putting pressure on Lena to perfect her serum so that they can start creating super soldiers. Four, who shot James? It was really great to have him out doing what he does best as a photographer. Hopefully, this isn’t yet the end for him.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’