‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “Albert Einstein and the Story of Another Mary”


Mary thinks she might be pregnant but Meemaw isn’t entirely convinced. They go to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test. After taking the test, Mary buys some malt liquor for George.

Mary plucks up the courage to tell George and he takes it, about as well as expected. He becomes concerned with the financial aspect of having another child and asks for a raise at work. Unfortunately, Mary loses the baby.


Sheldon takes up the violin to be more like his “rockstar” idol Albert Einstein. He borrows a VHS to teach himself to play. It’s Missy and Georgie’s new favorite show. That is until he actually starts playing.

Sheldon thinks part of the reason he isn’t excelling at the violin is that he’s not Jewish. He dawns a makeshift Yamaka (a crocheted coaster) and Shalom’s his way to dinner. He even consults a Rabbi in order to convert. He tells Sheldon to be his own man. He needs to not be so concerned with trying to be Einstein.


Ok, Sheldon has to know that 30 seconds of playing is not enough to make a difference… He really is a typical child. I feel bad for Mary, but Sheldon’s ego at the end turned the sadness into annoyance. Sheldon is so smart that he’s kind of dumb. I’m not dissing a 10-year-old, I’m just saying that his brain focuses so hard on being “school smart” that there’s no room for common sense or “street smarts.” This episode was wonderful. George is easily becoming my favorite character, it still changes every episode, but he’s consistently on the list.