‘The Flash’ Recap ‘King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd’

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The Flash Recap ‘King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd’

The metahuman cure is complete, but Team Flash needs a willing metahuman in order to test it out. Barry knows just the meta, so Team Flash heads to A.R.G.U.S. to talk to King Shark. They meet up with Lyla and Dr. Tanya Lamden, who has created a crown that allowes her to communicate with King Shark. Unfortunately, King Shark seems to lose control and attacks. Later, Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin return to try and talk King Shark down when the creature grabs Cisco, crushing him. Barry reacts and administers the cure. King Shark is changed back into his human form.

Afterward, Caitlin and Cisco are not happy with Barry. They created the cure with the idea that they would only administer it to people who asked for it. Barry claims that he didn’t have time to ask King Shark before he killed Cisco and thought it was the only way. He says that Shay is happy to be back in his human form. Caitlin and Cisco then attack Barry, but only because they were instructed to do so by Gorilla Gordd, who has Caitlin deliver the psychic crown to him. With it, his powers are boosts astronomically, giving him the ability to take control of the whole city.

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Meanwhile, Joe is back from an extended trip in Tibet with Wally and the baby. Iris has been having a hard time dealing with the attack on Cicada and learning all the timelines Nora experienced. She finally admits it to Joe, after he catches her in a lie. Her father tells her that he went away to clear his mind and refresh himself mentally and spiritually. He instructs Iris to do the same, without going so far away. She has to break through this block imposed by the idea of Cicada. He gets her a punching bag and has Iris take all her feelings out on it. Finally, Iris is able to break through her fear.

Barry and Nora, with psychic dampeners on, try and stop Gorilla Grodd, but he’s too powerful and they are paralyzed by Grodd. Their only hope is Shay. The creature part of King Shark kept Grodd from taking control, so if Shay reverts back into the creature, he can take down the gorilla. If he does this, he won’t be able to be human again. Shay says that he has to go back in order to make up for all the terrible things he’s done. With help from Cisco, Shay turns back into King Shark and is off to fight Grodd. The two duke it out and Grodd is almost victorious. With some help from Barry and Nora, King Shark wins the day. Afterward, Barry confronts Caitlin and Cicso, apologizing for using the cure so hastily and assuring that he won’t force it on anyone again. He then tells them that they need to offer the cure to Cicada.

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But will Cicada take it? I think that he won’t be so quick to jump at the opportunity to lose his powers. He hates metas, but he sure does like having his dagger. Perhaps the only way to appeal to him is the wound he sustained during the Enlightenment. That may be making him powerful, but it might also be killing him. As long as he’s using his powers to “keep Grace safe,” I don’t think he’s going to accept what Team Flash is offering. That is, if they’re even able to talk to him long enough to offer.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Failure is an Orphan.’