Marvel-ous Monday: Who Are The Kree? (Getting Ready for ‘Captain Marvel’)


Over the last month or so, the Marvel-ous Monday themes have largely applied to this week’s release of Captain Marvel, and this week will be the culminating piece before the film.  I have made several references to the Kree race when discussing Carol Danvers, Mar-vell, Ronan, Korath, and Talos with the Skrulls; however, the Kree race has never really been examined under my Marvelverse microscope.  Well, that changes today.

In some of the early Captain Marvel trailers, Carol Danvers  tells Nick Fury about the Kree, and she notably refers to them as, “Heroes. Noble warrior heroes.” There is some truth to her statement, but it’s a bit more complicated than just having a huge group of aliens who love Earth and fight for intergalactic justice, which is how she obviously perceives the race…


First appearing in Fantastic Four #65 in 1967, the Kree were created by the legendary duo of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  This super alien race is often known for its imperialism and militaristic mindset, and the Kree are pretty much the envy of the galaxy in terms of power and justice.  They have been around for millions of years, and are some of the oldest groups referenced in the Marvelverse. Now, such prominence does not come easily, and even though the race has been around for a long time, it is constantly evolving.  Physically, the Kree look just like the human race, but some have blue, pink, or gray skin.  The Kree are always looking for ways to make themselves better, and they are a race known for experimentation with genetics.  Some experiments have been conducted on other races and species (i.e. humans), and some experiments have even taken place on their own people.


The technological capabilities of the Kree are seemingly infinite.  Some of their technologies include the aforementioned genetic engineering, which is how we get a character like Korath the Pursuer; the ability to communicate over hyperspace with the Omni-Wave Projector, which could be how Nick Fury contacted Captain Marvel at the end of Infinity War; advanced energy weaponry, which includes nuclear capabilities;  warp-speed travel, which allows for hyperspace travel; cloaking devices, which allow them to shapeshift in battle; and the ability to link dimensions, which may play a large role in Endgame.


The Marvel brand operates under the idea that “with great power, comes great responsibility,” and this motto ironically drives the Kree’s governing body. They are governed by the Supreme Intelligence, which is a form of artificial intelligence comprised of the memories and brains of fallen Kree.  (For perspective, if a Kree general dies, his brain is cryogenically preserved within the Kree cyberspace; therefore, the Supreme Intelligence becomes more wise and helpful to the race.)  Eventually, the Supreme Intelligence developed a personality/identity of its own, and now governs from said basis with strict reliance on rationale.  If one wants to talk to the Supreme Intelligence, one goes into its chamber and a holographic image of a floating green head with tentacle hair is projected on a large screen.

The A.I. can do more than just reason; in fact, the Supreme Intelligence possesses telepathic powers, sensory links, and the ability to predict the future.  Most Kree do not act without consulting the Supreme Intelligence, so the perceived the negative or evil actions of those Kree militants can be traced by to the Supreme Intelligence.  Just ask the Skrulls if the Kree are the good guys.  For example, the Supreme Intelligence is known for using Ronan as a pawn for Kree, or arguably personal, advancement.  The harsh truth is that the Kree only care for the Kree, and they can be viewed as both heroic and evil in terms of Earth’s perception.


Speaking of Earth, how do the Kree impact our race and our super heroes?  It is a bit complicated when it comes to the Kree and the human race.  Without diving into much detail, the Kree, much like other alien races, have had their fair share of encounters with Earthlings.  (The Kree have even experimented on primitive humans back in the day resulting in the Inhumans.)  Being that the Kree love a good war, some may even say our super heroes caused the fall of their empire, which has ignited a need for future grudge matches. Whether it is for our natural resources, super heroes, or militaristic resources, the Kree have sparred with Earth and lost on a few occasions through conflicts with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.


In reference to other super heroes, Mar-Vell (i.e. the first Captain Marvel) was once sent to Earth by the Kree to infiltrate our military to see if we posed a threat to them.  Well, he ends up aiding humanity in several ways and draws scourn and jealousy from the likes of prominent Kree like Yon-Rogg and Ronan the Accuser.  Mar-Vell’s self-developed sweet spot for ol’ Earth and its people was shown by his refusal to carry out his Kree mission, so he was found guilty of treason by the Supreme Intelligence.  With Mar-Vell taking Earth’s side, the Kree now have a reason to feud with us.

How could the Kree be used in the end of the MCU’s Phase 3 and in the future of Phase 4?  This is truly anyone’s guess, and there is no shortage of fan theories surrounding their role in Captain Marvel and beyond.  I will not share my personal theories, but I will tell you this: The Kree are not all noble and good like Carol is telling Fury.  There are plenty of villains with Kree blood coursing through their veins, and Ronan the Accuser has demonstrated such villainy in the MCU thus far.  The Kree are another threat to humanity’s well-being, and I am sure such warning will be made eventually within the upcoming Phase 4.

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