WATCH: Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Perform ‘Shallow’ at Oscars

ABC/Ed Herrera

After large amounts of speculation were followed by an official announcement from the Academy, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga performed the hit song, “Shallow,” from A Star Is Born! After Cooper surprised fans at Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas show by performing the song with her, it has been difficult for fans to wait for their anticipated live performance of “Shallow” at the 91st Academy Awards. Check out the video below from Lady Gaga’s YouTube channel!

In the actual scene from the movie, the end of the song was a little more upbeat, rather than stripped-down like this Oscars performance. That’s what makes this performance my favorite moment of the entire show that aired last night.

The performance has also received a lot of attention around social media. Check out some of the reactions below!


The song itself, “Shallow,” won the award for Best Original Song last night at the Oscars following Gaga and Cooper’s performance. A Star Is Born is available now on Blu-ray and Digital HD.