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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Cause and XS’

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The Flash Recap ‘Cause and XS’

The metahuman cure is complete, but will take a month in order to fully mature. Team Flash doesn’t have that kind of time, so they decide to speed up the process by having Barry take it into the Speed Force. A month in there will only be about an hour in real time. Nora is a bit worried about Barry leaving them alone, bringing up what happened last time he wasn’t around. Barry tells her that everything will be okay because Nora will protect the city. The rest of Team Flash go about their evening–Iris going to her office to write, Cisco going on a date–but then everything goes wrong. Cicada kidnaps Iris and calls the other members of Team Flash to the rooftop to save her. He then throws his dagger out into the city. Nora and Caitlin answer the call. After the appear, the dagger comes flying back and kills Caitlin. In her sorrow, Nora runs back in time. The hour resets and she gets a do-over.

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Unfortunately, every time Nora tries to interfere with what happens on the rooftop, someone else ends up captured and killed. She watches Caitlin, Ralph, Cisco, and Cecile all die while she attempts to change fate. During each of her attempts, Cisco keeps getting déjà vu of his date going badly. Ralph got in his head after he cyber stalked her, so Cisco pretends to be someone he’s not during the date. Eventually, he and Team Flash realize that Nora has been traveling back in time and get the full details on how the evening goes down. Together, they come up with a plan to use Cicada’s dagger against him.

Iris leads Cicada into their trap. When Cisco, Caitlin, and Ralph appear on the scene, Nora waits in the shadows, trying to figure out where the dagger will land. The dagger is about to kill Ralph when Nora slows time, eventually reversing it altogether. Then, she pushes Cicada in the way of the dagger as it comes back into his hand. It hits the villain in the chest. Time resumes and the heroes appear. Cicada doesn’t go down, though, and flies off. At least for now, Team Flash can celebrate their win.

Barry returns from the Speed Force and hears all that happened while he was gone. He warns Nora about time travel, saying that each time she goes back, the future won’t be fixed exactly like it was. He uses the same mug example as Jay once told him. It doesn’t seem like anything is wrong, and Barry and Nora think that time was being kind to them this time. What they don’t know is that Sherloque has resumed his investigation into Nora and is translating the final pages of her notebook. In 2049, Nora meets with Thawne, asking him if what they’re doing is only going to make things worse. He tells her that as long as she follows his plan, everything will be fine. She has to stop Cicada and break the dagger. Then, they can save Barry.

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I kind of knew that Thawne was using Barry’s disappearance in order to get Nora on his side. The question is, what will Thawne gain from this? It seems as though the dagger is more the key than Cicada is. If the dagger is still in play, someone else could always take up the mantle. Or, perhaps something happens with the dagger in relation to Thawne. It has the ability to dampen powers, so maybe that’s how Thawne ended up captured. Does he really know how to save Barry? Or is the whole thing a lie to get Nora’s help? I’m leaning more toward his words just being what Nora needs to hear.

The Flash is set to go on a mini-hiatus and returns with new episodes Tuesday, March 5.