‘The Flash’ Preview ‘Cause and XS’

Image via CW

The Flash Preview ‘Cause and XS’

Cicada is on the move again following Iris’ appearance at his house. He now knows that she works with Team Flash, since she flat out told him that there’s no way he’s going to beat them. From the preview, it looks like he will in fact target her despite the fact that she’s not a metahuman. Unfortunately, his attack is successful, but Nora isn’t going to let that happen. She travels back in time to stop Cicada from hurting Iris. Nothing she tries works and Nora gets caught in an endless loop. Barry tells her that there are consequences to time travel, and perhaps Nora’s interference in all of this is the reason Iris is now in harm’s way. Never before has Cicada gone after a non-meta.

Team Flash is busy working on the cure, and hopefully, they’ll be able to perfect it before someone else gets hurt. Taking away his powers will be helpful, but that isn’t going to flat-out stop him. Cicada is consumed with hatred. Even bringing Grace out of her coma may not be enough to bring him back on the right path. That’s especially true if Grace shares his mindset of all metahumans being evil. This whole situation could lead to some interesting consequences in the future. What if Grace will now grow up filled with rage because her parents and her uncle were all taken away from her by metas? Perhaps she will carry Cicada’s ideals into the future and become a villain.