No Stopping Stephen King As ‘Mile 81’ Approaches the Big Screen!

Mile 81, Stephen King
Image: Hodder & Stoughton General Division

Mile 81, based on a supernatural thriller by bestselling boogeyman Stephen King, is making its way to the big screen. Deadline recently reported that the 2011 novella, originally published as an e-book and later featured in King’s The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, will be mapped out by director Alistar Legrand (The Diabolical, Clinical) and producer Ross M. Dinerstein. Having recently produced the adaptation of 1922 for Netflix, Mr. Dinerstein is certainly no stranger to the lure of Stephen King’s Universe, but will he be able to steer another vehement vehicle manufactured by the master of macabre? 😉

“With the heart of Stand By Me and the genius horror of ChristineMile 81 is Stephen unleashing his imagination as he drives past one of those road signs…” – Source:

Paradigm will be paving the way for Mile 81 at the European Film Market in Berlin this week and with production scheduled for fall of 2019, casting considerations have already begun. Given the recent cinematic success emanating from Stephen King’s terrifying tales, it is not surprising that seemingly everyone in the entertainment industry is clamoring to jump on the bandwagon. As a ‘Constant Reader’ I continue to be cautiously optimistic. While I love an opportunity to see Mr. King’s creations come to life, I often worry that it could ruin my own revered vision. Mile 81 may not hold the notoriety of other King classics but it certainly drives our deepest fears…

“Set around a remote, boarded-up rest stop, the film will follow 12-year-old Pete, his brother, and a group of strangers who must fight to survive as they’re hunted by a mysterious force.” – Source: Deadline

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