‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “A Math Emergency And Perky Palms”


A 95%? The world is going to end… granite it was in Dr. Sturgis’s college level class, but still, Sheldon is adamant that he deserves a perfect score. He cuts class to study to prove that Dr. Sturgis is wrong.

Sheldon got the answer right but didn’t use the right method. Sheldon justifies this by saying his way was more elegant. Sheldon and Dr. Sturgis have a bit of a falling out and George tells Sheldon that no matter how wrong someone is, you must always respect an adult. Sr. Sturgis admits that Sheldon is right.

Everyone at the church is coming down with something icky. Mary is put in charge when Pastor Jeff is too ill to conduct his marriage counseling session or make house calls. Mary makes friends, well tries to, with Mr. Gilford. He makes a remark about women not being preachers and they squabble a bit. Mary goes back to try to make it up to Mr. Gilford, but is too late, he passed away.

So! Dr. Sturgis is the one who inflated Sheldon’s ego… no wonder Sheldon is always right. This episode was great, I loved Mary’s storyline. It was funny while remaining heartfelt. Speaking of funny, this episode had so many little bits that made me chuckle. Like the math teacher not commenting on whether she actually wants Sheldon in class and George not caring if Sheldon uses his office phone. Even watching Dr. Sturgis run away was funny! Great episode.