‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 47: Bizarrodale”

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SAT scores are in! Penelope is ashamed of Cheryl and refuses to let her get to High Smith. Cheryl works her magic to get into college and to also get Toni an interview. Cheryl gives Toni a new gang, The Pretty Poisons and also helps Moose come out to his father.

Reggie and Veronica are in hot water. They owe Hermione for the drugs they burned. Reggie suggests a heist, stealing from his father’s shop. He gets the money but was shot in the process. A dye pack? They are dead! Wait, Gladys is the mystery buyer? Did Hermione know? (Nope) Gladys and Jelly Bean are going to stay a while what are they planning?

The Gargoyle King doesn’t want Cierra and Tom to be happy. He wants the midnight club back together to finish ascension night properly. The parents obey and take an antidote before flipping for their fate. Or so they thought. All of the kids are accounted for except Kevin who is in the bunker with Moose. The boys are captured and forced to flip for their fate. The midnight club saves them and it is revealed that Major Mason and the RROTC are the ones that kidnapped Kevin and Moose. Moose understandably moves in with his aunt in Glendale.


So much happens in these episodes that they are hard to recap. Everything is important! This mystery is so complicated. Is the Gargoyle King really done with the parents or does he want to toy with both generations? Was Mason the OG Gargoyle King in addition to being the current one or was he just doing what Tall Boy did? Is Hiram still involved in this shady business? This was a quiet episode for him. What is Gladys and JB planning?