‘The Flash’ Preview ‘Goldfaced’

Image via CW

The Flash Preview ‘Goldfaced’

Barry and Ralph finds themselves going deep into the Central City underground following the discovery of stolen technology. Ralph knows of the black market and takes Barry there. Once they see what types of weapons there are at the market, Barry thinks that they might be able to use them in order to bring down Cicada. They may be rendered powerless when up against the villain, but perhaps the weapons wouldn’t be affected by the dagger. There’s a snag in the plan, though, as Barry and Ralph are contracted by Goldface. They have to do a job for him now that they know the existence of the underground, and in order to get the weapon they need.

Cisco is busy working on creating the metahuman cure. Last week, he realized that if he could find a similar genetic makeup, one with the metahuman mutation and one without, he may be able to figure out how to synthesize the cure. With Caitlin and Killer Frost’s help, it looks like they are going to be successful soon. The question is, will they be able to test it before they need to use it on Cicada. Will Cisco test it on himself first? I feel like he’s going to miss his powers if he does decide to go through with it. Also, will this cause more problems down the line for the subject? Lots of questions, but Team Flash doesn’t really have the time to fully test the solution.