‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Memorabilia’

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The Flash Recap ‘Memorabilia’

Sherloque has the idea to go within Grace’s psyche in order to figure out how to wake her from her coma. When you go in, things might come back to haunt you, so Nora takes it upon herself to go in alone. Unfortunately, Nora gets trapped within Grace’s memory when the portal closes. All she can do now is accompany Grace through her consciousness and hope that another portal will present itself. When Team Flash learns that she’s gone in alone, Barry and Iris decide to go in after her. Sherloque and Caitlin warn them that if any of them die in the dream state, they die in real life. Barry and Iris accept the risks and enter the dream world, but instead of going into Grace’s consciousness, they go into Nora’s.

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In Nora’s consciousness, Barry and Iris find themselves at S.T.A.R. Labs, but in the future, it is the Flash Museum. Barry loves seeing all of the items in the Flash shop. They find Nora there, then follow her into the Hall of Villains where Nora listens to the information on Cicada. That’s when future Iris shows up and accosts Nora for running away from home. Nora says that she came here in order to be close to her father because she knows he was the Flash’s biggest fan, but Iris isn’t taking any excuses. She tries to take a Flash figure from her daughter and ends up breaking it. The two leave and Iris can’t believe that that is how she will end up in the future. Before they can do anything more, they are attacked by the Reverse-Flash costume.

In Grace’s consciousness, Nora ends up at the family home where Orlin is busy making food and being a good father figure. Nora knows that she needs to get Grace out as soon as possible, so asks the young girl to take her to the last place she has a memory from. If they go to the carnival the night of the accident, maybe that’s where the portal will appear. Grace agrees to take her to her last memory, but it’s not the carnival. They are in the hospital room. Grace has been listening every time Orlin comes to visit and also has a skewed perception of metahumans. She knows that Nora is the Flash’s daughter and lashes out at her, calling upon her defense mechanism, Cicada. Grace thinks that Cicada is a hero and protecting the people by targeting metas. They are the reason her parents died and why she ended up in the hospital. Nora runs from Cicada, but it is only a matter of time before he catches up and kills her in the dream.

While hiding, a phone rings. When Nora answers, it’s Sherloque and Caitlin, who managed to Jerry-rig the mental dampener to reach them. They also call Barry and Iris in Nora’s memory. Sherloque tells them that the portal is obscured within a false memory. When someone is fueled by strong emotions, they might remember an incident in a different way because of that emotion. Barry and Iris realize that the memory in the Hall of Villains was false. Nora was an angry, sad, and scared little girl. When they return and watch the scene, it is very different. Iris is trying to be understanding of her daughter. The portal opens. In Grace’s memory, it’s at the house. Orlin wasn’t as supportive and loving as Grace wants to remember. The portal opens. All three are able to escape the consciousness.

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Back in the real world, Barry and Iris ask why Nora wanted to go in alone. She says that she saw the machine was working and thought it would be an easy thing to do. Sherloque then pipes in and says that she did it to protect her secret. He then adds that there was heartbreak in her consciousness that she didn’t want her parents to see. Nora lies and says that’s why. As everyone disbands, Sherloque asks Barry what Nora’s defense mechanism was. He says it was the Reverse-Flash costume. Sherloque is that much closer to figuring out the truth. Nora was struggling with her decision to keep her real reason for coming a secret from her parents, but after making amends with her mother, she realizes that she has to keep lying in order to protect them. She came back to help them stop Cicada, and that’s what she intends to do. The future is changing, but will that mean that Barry actually disappears sooner? Could that be Thawne’s ultimate plan?

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Goldfaced.’