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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘Memorabilia’

The CW

The Flash Preview ‘Memorabilia’

There is some sort of machine at S.T.A.R. Labs which traps Nora inside a nightmare. Just like in Nightmare on Elm Street, if Nora dies within the dream, she dies in real life. Barry and Iris go within the dream in order to rescue her, but Nora recognizes her parents are there and tries to stop the dream from revealing all her secrets. They will see glimpses of her life, including Nora as a little girl, and, of course, Reverse-Flash is there. Will this inevitable lead to Barry and Iris suspect there is more to the story than their daughter is telling them? I think the appearance of Reverse-Flash within her memories might be a pretty big clue as to him being present in her life. Barry might be able to piece everything together.

Sherloque will probably figure it all out if he someone has access to what is going on inside the dream. He is slowly working his way toward Thawne’s interference, and I really hope that Barry is able to figure it out before Sherloque blows the whole thing open. Or maybe Nora will finally work up the courage to tell her parents what’s going on. I don’t know if she will, though, because of the bad blood between them. I think Nora believes Thawne is the key to saving her father from wherever he disappeared to in the future. But maybe he actually is the key to Barry’s departure.