‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Blood Memory’

Image: The CW

Supergirl Preview ‘Blood Memory’

Following the decision to wipe the minds of the DEO agent’s who know the truth about Supergirl, including Alex, Kara begins to wonder if they made the right decision. Alex is struggling, knowing that something is missing from her life. This is making Kara hurt even more because there’s nothing she can do to reach out and help her sister. There are a lot of consequences to wiping Alex’s memory, including the whole reason she decided to join the DEO in the first place. She accepted the job offer from J’onn all those years ago so she could protect Kara’s secret. Alex’s prime motivation at the DEO is now gone. How will she be able to handle the missing memories? Could it wind up driving her mad?

Meanwhile, Nia will be towing with the choice of becoming a superhero or not. Brainy wants her to use her powers in order to aid Supergirl, but Nia wasn’t latching onto the idea at first. Now, though, she might just be opening up to the idea. Kara is definitely going to need all the help she can get because she is now flying solo. J’onn will help if Kara asks, but since he’s exploring his new outlet as a detective, she’s not going to want to bother him every time she needs help. Kara needs a partner. Hopefully, Brainy can get Nia to fill that void and help Kara through this rough patch.